Nebraska Football Game Day Information for Students

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football Game Day Information

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1.   Where is the student section for football? 
•    The Nebraska Football Student Sections are in East Stadium Sections 9, 10 and 11 and in South Stadium Sections 12, 13 and 14.  Non-traditional student seating is available for those students wishing to be seated outside the general student population and must be requested when the student ticket is purchased.

2.   Do I need to bring my student ID (N Card) to the football game?
•    Yes, a valid full-time student ID (N Card) MUST be presented by the student. Student tickets will be placed on student ID (N Card). 

3.  How can we sit as a group at a football game?
•    Seating for students is general admission only; therefore it is best to arrive together with your group of friends in order to sit together.

4.     What gates do we go in for football?
•    Students with seats in East Stadium enter Memorial Stadium through Gate 23.  Students with seats in South Stadium enter through Gate 24.

5.     What time do gates open for football?
•    Gates open 90 minutes prior to kick-off.

6.     Do I need a wristband to get in to the football game?
•    East stadium wristbands will be received after cards are scanned for entry.

7.     What if I lose my N Card or it gets destroyed?
•    Contact the Ticket Office for tickets to be placed on your new N Card.

8.     How do I validate my football ticket on the day of the game? 

Everything will be done electronically by email through signing into, whether transferring student to student, or student to non-student.

·         Student to student transfers will be at no charge and they will be sent to your N-Cards.

·         Student to public transfer will now be handled by electronic transfer.

9.  Who has to validate my ticket on the day of the game? 
•    Tickets can be validated on the day of the game by the UNL student ticket owner.  
•    Once the ticket is validated, it can be used for admission by anyone.  Improperly used tickets (including those sold above face value) may be confiscated. 

10.  Where is the Ticket Office? 
•    The Ticket Office is located in the Parking Garage at 625 Stadium Drive, just west of Memorial Stadium next door to Huskers Authentic.


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