Cameron Meredith will be an anchor on the Husker defensive line in 2012.
Photo by BreAnna Haessler/NU Media Relations

Cameron Meredith Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football Press Conference
Friday, Aug. 3, 2012
Player Quotes

Cameron Meredith
Senior, Defensive End

On starting season
"I'm really excited, it's my senior year and it has went fast. Spring went by, and this might be my last time playing football, so I am trying to do my best and go out with a bang."

On the number of fifth year seniors
"I think it creates a lot of depth, the walk-ons are really good, and they can help out with special teams and scout team. It really helps when you play against good players."

On the team's depth
"I think it's really good. Last year we were only rotating five guys on the line, I think this year everyone is pretty healthy and during the spring we got the other guys working with the older guys on first team. Coach Kaz (Defensive Line Coach Rick Kaczenski) said we would have nine guys that can play on the line, so we will rotate all nine guys into the game. But if there is only four, then we will only rotate four. Whoever he trusts will play."

On senior leadership
"It comes when it comes. If something happens then I will speak up. I think for the most part most of the guys respect me since I am a fifth year senior. I have a position to help these guys out on the field and off the field."

On Nebraska's other defensive end spot
"I think all of the guys can play, like I said before Coach Kaz will play whoever can play, and there are a lot of guys that can play right now. In my mind there really is no starter, we have a lot of good defensive tackles and defensive ends. A lot of these freshmen are bigger than me."

On Defensive Line Coach Rick Kaczenski
"He teaches us the same stuff, but teaches it different and tweaks it just a little bit. I think it really helps us out, because you get a lot of different coaches philosophies that can help you out."

On getting a new defensive line coach, and the change of philosophies
"Coach Kaz's main philosophy is to attack. I think that's the main thing we have to do on the D-Line. Instead of reacting, we are attacking. All summer we have worked on getting vertical, and I think it's really going to help us out on Sept. 1."

On the transition of the defense under new coordinator John Papuchis
"It's not much change, it's still the same defense. I think JP brings a lot of energy, not saying Carl (Pelini) didn't, But JP is really fired up to be the D coordinator.


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