Nebraska Player Quotes vs. Wisconsin

By NU Athletic Communications

#22 Nebraska 30, Wisconsin 27
Saturday, Sept. 29, 2012

Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)
Nebraska Player Quotes

QB Taylor Martinez
On what the turning point was for Nebraska

"Getting momentum back on offense. I think that the first half and with Rex's fumble it kind of killed the offense's momentum. I think once we established that, we were fine."

On when the offense established momentum

"I think that 95-yard, 12-play drive."

On the offense's response in the second half

"I think that is the way we should normally play. I think we just started and couldn't get a rhythm going. Their defense played great. We put them in a tough situations. We knew if they couldn't get any stops that we wouldn't be stopped. We just scored some points."

On if they changed the play calling at all


On if they got him out of the pocket to run more

"A little bit. We just mixed it up. That was our original game plan."

On the quarterback draw

"I don't know. That's all Coach Beck. He called a great game. We just executed from the beginning."

On when he sensed their defense getting tired

"Early on. The reason why we got stopped was because we couldn't establish a rhythm. I think once we established that then we  really had them."

On if he felt he responded to difficult situations different than he has in his career

"No, not really. We've been in this type of situation before against Ohio State with the come back. I think this was the second biggest come back in school history. I think our team handled it great."

On if they talked about the Ohio State game on the sidelines

"Yes, we did."

On the talk before the drive to make the score 17-27

"Just that we've been in this situation before against Ohio State. Pretty much the same exact point. We knew that we had done it before and we could do it again."

On who initiated the conversation about Ohio State

"It was pretty much everyone. You could just hear people chattering about it."

On his reaction to the 4th-and-1 stop at the end of the game

"He should have scored that touchdown. I was happy. The defense played great and it was a good down." 

Defensive End Eric Martin

On the atmosphere of the second half

"It was fun when we came back and the momentum was going our way. It was a good game and we had fun. For our defensive line to come out and go against their huge offensive line and for us to hold them to 60 yards rushing, it was a great deal for us. For us to come out and do what we did it took a lot. We gave it a lot of heart, and kept our defensive line up."

On if they felt they were winning more of the man-on-man match-ups in the second half
"Yes, they came out and they came hard. They were using their weight against us, but after a while we just had to suck it up and come through. I was cramping a little bit and my legs were just dead but I had to fight through it and help the team out. I couldn't just give up."

On which game he enjoyed more last weeks or this weeks
"I enjoyed both of them. Both of them were the same. Both times we came out with a win. We just enjoy tonight and then tomorrow we get back to work. A win is a win no matter what the score. The feelings the same either way."

On whether or not there was a specific moment when they felt they were in control
"Yes, it was right before halftime when we scored and then we realized we only had one half left and that was our chance to come back. I told the offense you just have to score, and we will hold them on defense. That what we did, we held them and they weren't scoring anymore points. It was just us working as a team and being confident." 


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