David Santos notched a career-high 10 tackles against Michigan.
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

David Santos Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)
Monday, Oct. 29, 2012
Pre-Michigan State

David Santos
RFr., Linebacker, Spring, Texas
On remembering when the coaches said he is getting the hang of things
"Probably towards the end of fall camp, I think things started to come together real well. Coach (Ross) Els was telling me I was doing a good job, and I was working with the one's every now and then."

On why did it take until Northwestern for him to play
"Certain situations like a lot of spread offenses and Zaire (Anderson) got hurt. Someone had to step in, and I think I filled that spot."

On what role he will play against pro-style offenses Huskers face the rest of the season
"As far as that goes, it's a lot of base personnel and I don' t know where I'm at with that. But I feel that I'll get some snaps during the games."

On tackling Michigan State running back Le'Veon Bell
"He is a real physical guy it looks like and very athletic. He likes to run downhill, and I appreciate his style of play. I think it will be a very physical game for us."

On how difficult it was to redshirt last year coming from high school
"It's an eye-opener. It will help me real quick to realize that this is a different level of play at this level. But overall watching the first couple games and tough losses, you think maybe if I would have played I would have helped out. But that's not up to me, that's up to the coaches and the staff. I think everything worked out well for me at the end of it."

On when he knew he was a good football player in high school
"At the end of my junior year my coach came up to me and explained the situation. I didn't really plan on going to the next level, I just loved to play football in high school. All the coaches started recruiting me, and a lot of doors opened up and that's when it clicked in my head."

On what his coach said to him
"He just said things are going to start get pretty heavy and you're probably going to start getting phone calls and a lot of mail. He also said if I start having any questions to just come to him and he would help me out."

On what he has learned by playing alongside the senior linebackers
"I've learned a lot actually by just watching and communicating with them. You know Will (Compton) has been here doing a great job for the defense, and he is the leader of the defense I would say. Guys like Zo (Alonzo Whaley) have been in and out of things, and he will be real with me about some things and tell me all it really sums up to is hard work and paying attention to detail in the meeting rooms."

On if he looks down the road and notices what it will be like without the senior linebackers next year
"Me and Trevor Roach talk about it a lot and a couple of younger guys always talk about how weird it's going to be without Sean Fisher, Will, and Alonzo. Just the three guys that you know you see as the seniors and you never really know how it will end up, but I have a feeling we will be fine and everything will work itself out."


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