Taylor Martinez produced four touchdowns against Michigan State
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Taylor Martinez Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications
Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)
Monday, Nov. 5, 2012
Pre-Penn State

Taylor Martinez
Jr., Quarterback, Corona, Calif.

On how his body is holding up after the last few weeks physical football games
“I’m still battling that ankle injury I got in the game against Michigan. Right now I’m pretty much battling that.”

On whether or not his injury hindered his speed in Saturday’s game and if treatment worked
“Treatment went well. You pretty much just have to block it out. Block out your ankle, and I have been good at doing that si
nce my freshmen year.”

On if he will be practicing despite his ankle injury
“Yes, I will be practicing”

On what he knows about the Penn State
“I know they are a really good team, with a good defense.”

On what he remembers about last year and what that experience was like
“Going there after what had just happened, it was an awesome experience with how many people showed up and with Coach Ron (Brown) doing the prayer before.”

On whether or not Penn State will be doing the same plays as last year
“I haven’t seen very much of them yet. After this (press conference) I’m going to meet with Joe (Ganz) and talk about it.”

On what he was looking for during the 4th-and-10 and if it donned on him that it could be the end
“I looked left to Kenny (Bell), then to Jamal (Turner), then came all the way back to Kyler (Reed). Then luckily he got open. That was a huge play. Yes, it was 4th-and-10, and I knew I couldn’t just take off and run. I was just trying to scan the field and find an open guy.”

On whether or not he had 10 yards to run if he had to, on the 4th-and-10 play
“I don’t know. It would have been close. Also, they jumped offsides, and I kind of knew that in my head. I saw it.”

On how many times they run the play that won the game in practice and what other games have they shown it in
“We run it every day.  We showed it in the Michigan game to the opposite side. That the one when where he (Jamal Turner) lost it in the light, so this time he took off his visor so he could actually see that pass.”

On how often they practice the two-minute offense during the week
“It’s pretty much our normal offense, because we go so fast paced. We have to execute and just know in our heads that we have got to score.”

On what it is about the team that allows them to keep making comebacks
“We have a lot of heart on our team.”

On how much better he is now at running the zone read, and the process of  making split-second decisions
“I think about the same, cause I’ve ran it the past two or three years. I ran it a year in high school. So, I’m used to running it.”

On whether or not he would classify the 71-yard touchdown as a zone-read
“No, it wasn’t a zone read. Ameer (Abdullah) and I just kept checking the plays back and forth, and luckily it worked.”

On whether or not he was reading anyone on the play after the snap or was it just a pick hand off.
“It was just a pick hand off. “

On whether or not Eric Crouch said anything to Taylor after he broke his record
“No, he didn’t.  A couple people told me he tweeted about it. That was awesome of him to do that.”

On what footage of Crouch, Taylor has seen
“I’ve seen a few videos on Youtube of him.  He was a great runner and great athlete. “

 On whether or not they did anything differently in the second half after seeing that Michigan State was susceptible to offsides
“No, not really. We knew going into the game that they were going to jump offsides a lot. They anticipate the snap, and we knew that already.”

On whether or not the UCLA game prepared them for the comebacks they had in the next games
“I’m not really sure. I think that UCLA game prepared the team for the next three comebacks we had. I think there is a reason why we lost to UCLA, and I think were figuring out why.”


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