Taylor Martinez Quotes 8-26-13

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Memorial Stadium
Monday, Aug. 26, 2013

Quarterback Taylor Martinez

On finally being ready to play a game
“I think the whole team is ready to play again. Just playing each other for the past 7-8 months in spring and fall practices; I think we are all ready to go.”

On how the defense has improved
“They’ve improved big time from the spring. You can definitely see it in how the defense has given us (the offense) big competition. That’s a huge stride knowing that we should be one of the top offenses in the country. I’m really happy about our defense and hope that they can keep on progressing.”

On his current offensive line
“I’ve been saying it since Big Ten Media day, I think this is going to be one of Nebraska’s best offensive lines we’ve ever had. They are going to be the strong point of our offense. There are so many good players up there and strong guys – who have played in big games and I’m excited to see how they do.”

On remembering his first opening day start
“Not much really. Just going out there and playing the game I love. I’m not really nervous before the game or anything. Just want to go out there and play the game I love and hopefully get a win. Feels like the time has flown by. I’m going to miss it, but I’m also excited for my senior season.”

On being one of the best offenses in the country
“Just going out there and taking it one game at a time. You can’t really say I want to score this many points. You don’t know, if it’s close, you may want to hold the ball. If you have to score points, you want to score points. Just take it one game at a time and go from there.”

On being concerned about not knowing what Wyoming will feature
“We’ve faced so many defenses and going up against our defense in the spring and the fall; we’ve gone up against so many fronts and coverages that I think we are really well prepared for everything they will bring against us. I think anything they bring, we will be well prepared.”

On being happy for Ron Kellogg III on receiving a scholarship
“Very happy for him and with Brodrick Nickens – I also lived with him – I’m very happy for both of them and everybody else that received a scholarship. They earned it and whoever else walks-on at Nebraska also knows they have the chance to earn a scholarship, so it’s a great tradition and a great program and I’m glad Coach Pelini gave them the scholarships.”

On close wins from 2012 helping on going into this season
“I think it’s helped the team tremendously. Just having confidence in me that we can come back from pretty much anything, doesn’t matter how much we’re down by or how close it is at the end of the game. I think it’s really awesome that we could come back so many times last year and I think we can do it again if it comes down to it.”

On surprising yourself on how calm you stayed last year
“Not really, I just figure that’s the way it is. It doesn’t matter, my dad always taught me it doesn’t matter how far behind you are, just keep on trying and if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. Just keep on working and you just have to outscore the opponent. If there’s a minute left in the game and down by 20 – you still have to try to come back and win the game. That’s always what my mindset has been and if you give me a chance I will try to score on every play.”

On how he has grown with the off-the-field distractions
“I think I grew a lot with the media and the fans and just going out and taking a lot of pictures. I’m going to miss it a lot when I leave this place. I was at the volleyball game the other day and spent about an hour after the match just taking pictures with everybody. It means a lot to me and it just shows I have a lot of support at Nebraska and there’s a lot of fans everywhere. Even when I go back to California or Las Vegas I have a lot of support there and am still taking pictures. It’s awesome just knowing that Nebraska fans are everything and that I will always have a love for Nebraska.”

On the pressure involved with playing QB at Nebraska
“In high school, I never knew how many fans there were at Nebraska and how intense everyone is about Husker football. We have probably one of the biggest followings in college football. So that’s awesome.”

On other teams like Michigan and Northwestern being talked up so much in the preseason
“I haven’t really heard very much about that because I really don’t read much in the media. I just take one game at a time and you don’t know how good the teams we play are going to be, so you just never know. Wyoming might play for a national championship – you never know. You just got to go out there and play one game at a time.”

On expectations of some of the younger guys heading into Wyoming
“I expect a lot from them. Just hoping they know the plays and remember the plays in the big moments. Just go out there and stay intact, play the game you love. That’s why you came to college, to play football for us and just go out there and have fun.”

On having so many talented weapons on offensive and spreading the wealth with them
“Sometimes I hear about (spreading the wealth around on offense), but just get the ball out to receivers. The most important thing is to just go out there and win. It doesn’t really matter about your stats or who you get the ball to, just as long as you’re making plays and going out there and putting points on the board.”

On doing the tunnel walk with his brother for the first time on Saturday
“I don’t think we’re allowed to get by each other because the four captains will be walking out together. I wish I could be by him, but I’ll know that he will be with me for the first time in the tunnel walk and my family will be there also, so it should be fun.”

On Kenny Bell and the other receivers
“Kenny along with other receivers, they are all doing a great job. With Quincy Enunwa and Jamal Turner, and whoever else is down there, they are doing a great job catching the ball. “They could all score on any play. I think a lot of people are really going to be shocked with how Quincy does this season. He is going to be really good this season.”

On high expectations of Quincy Enunwa
“I think he took huge strides this offseason. I don’t think I’ve seen one person take him down. You should have seen a run by him in this scrimmage, it was ridiculous. I can’t wait to see anyone try to take him down one-on-one and just how big and physical he is. He is doing a good job being the captain on our team and just everything else he brings to the football team.”

On Cethan Carter
“He caught my eye early in the summer. Just how fast and how well he was catching the ball. He picked up the plays very well and I think he has a knack for the game and how to get open. He has learned quite a few plays in the last couple weeks and has been repping with the 1’s right now because Jake Long has been hurt.”

On possibly being worried about the tight end spot
“From what I’ve seen, I don’t think there’s a drop off at all. I think the next guys come in and I trust Coach Bo and whoever they bring in. I’m just happy Cethan (Carter) came to us and hope they do a great job for us.”

On learning the art of scrambling
“You have to have a mental clock. If there is a blitz coming you may have to get out there early. Maybe if they are dropping everybody and just rushing three or four, you may know you can sit in the pocket a little longer. You have to feel the game and go from there. It depends on the blitzes. This fall camp, the offensive line has done a great job of protecting me. It doesn’t matter if the defense bring everybody, they do a great job of protecting me.”

On Bo Pelini’s prank video
“I think the only person in on it was Thad (Randle). No one else on the team knew about it. I know Ron had a camera. I think the video crew had them have the camera out to get our reaction on going out to the movie instead of practice. Ron said that he kind of hid the camera when Bo started getting mad, so I really don’t think anybody knew about it. It was an awesome prank and I think I heard he did the same thing 4-5 years ago and it got a lot of people pretty good. It got a lot of people pretty nervous.”


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