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Dear Shawn, 

I wanted to write you a letter to tell you about a Husker athlete and how he helped make a 7-year-old boy’s vacation and summer one he won't ever forget. I was on Cape Cod for a family vacation last week and my 7-year-old son and I went to four Cape Cod League baseball games. We had a great week. The games that we went to and specifically what happened at them was a huge part of that.

At one of the games, Kyle Kubat took some time to talk with my son Tommy. They talked about Kyle's team, Kyle asked about his team and talked a little about Nebraska and Arizona State (Tommy had an ASU shirt on, and I am an Alumni of ASU). Kyle even helped Tommy find one of his teammates on the Borne Braves team who plays his college ball at ASU (Ryan Kellogg). Kyle then did something really special. He gave Tommy a baseball, and he took one of those Phiten style braided bracelets (red, white and black) off his own wrist and put it on Tommy's - where it has remained ever since. It was such a cool move and a great gesture that helped make Tommy's vacation so special. I was so impressed with how Kyle handled himself. Just the type of kid you want representing your program.

I coach high school baseball, and I know how important the game is to people. The players on these teams conducted themselves so well. They play and act just as I would hope and expect any of my students to. They all really displayed the things and ideals that are so important to me as a coach and a father. Kyle seemed to know the power their actions have on such impressionable young people like my son. A small gesture and a few minutes of time made him so happy. That's a huge impression on a little first-grade boy. I can pretty much guarantee that when Tommy sees the Huskers on TV this fall, he will be rooting for them. 

I wanted you all to know how one of your own conducted himself in such a classy manner. He helped make this week so special for my son and thus for me as his father.



Chris Passamano
Norwalk, CT

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