Taylor Martinez Quotes (Sept. 2)

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Memorial Stadium
Pre-Southern Miss
Monday, Sept. 2, 2013


Senior Quarterback Taylor Martinez
On how he felt Sunday morning
“I felt pretty sore. It was the first time I’ve actually gotten hit in about eight or nine months. After this week, I should be perfectly fine on Sundays.”


On how the soreness will affect him
“Everybody’s sore. I don’t get tackled or anything in fall camp or spring ball, so I just have to get used to being hit again.”


On how he felt the offense played
“We played a little sloppy in the beginning. I just don’t really think we got in a rhythm. We just have to keep on practicing and learning how to play together as an offense, and I think we’ll be perfectly fine.”


On the finish
“I was kind of shocked that we didn’t score again at the end. I think we could have put up 44 on them, but that didn’t happen.”


On freshman I-back Terrell Newby’s performance
“He played very well for his first game and being a true freshman. A lot of true freshmen get nervous, but I thought he played well, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him.”


On Newby’s ability to make people miss
“I’ve seen that ability from him all throughout fall camp. He’s just like another Ameer (Abdullah) for us, and I’m glad he’s on our team.”


On the team’s reaction to the game
“I think people are starting to come back and realize it’s a new week. We were up by 16 with six minutes to go and we blew that, so we weren’t very happy with ourselves. We let them back into the game, and that shouldn’t happen. Great teams don’t let that happen. It’s a huge wakeup call. We can’t let go at any point, no matter how many points we’re up by. We have to be able to finish.”


On throwing an interception
“It was a miscommunication. Our starting receivers were out, and I don’t get many reps with the other guys. I thought he was going to break a lot shorter than what he did break, so it goes both ways.”


On Southern Miss
“I watched a little bit of film yesterday. They’re fast and they play a confusing defense, I’d say. I know they’re very athletic.”


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