Ciante Evans Quotes (Sept. 2)

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Memorial Stadium
Pre-Southern Miss
Monday, Sept. 2, 2013

Defensive Back Ciante Evans
On if he’s seen Southern Mississipi’s offense yet
“I haven’t really looked into it yet, but I’m pretty sure we’re going to get sort of the same thing [as Wyoming], some empty, quarterback run and quarterback draw. [There are] some things that we need to fix from Wyoming.”


On what Coach Bo Pelini meant by the defense was over-simplified
“During the course of the game, he had to tell the younger players what to do. I think they were just thinking too much out there. They were just all over the place, and that comes with playing in the first game, you know all the butterflies and anxiety you have. Hopefully that all gets better in week two.”


On what he expects the mood to be like in practice this week
“Hopefully it picks up and gets better, especially learning from this past Saturday. Hopefully those guys got a taste of what it’s like to play on Saturday and pick up their energy, effort and enthusiasm.”


On if the energy was lacking going into the Wyoming game
“I think it was, but I think they were caught off guard a little bit. You have to be able to have a little resiliency playing this game. Those young guys haven’t felt that yet, and that’s what I’m here for is to tell them that what goes on throughout the course of a game and how to prepare for it and how to attack it.”


On if the nerves will go away in week two
“Yes, I think so. I think those guys know what to expect now. They got their first taste of action on Saturday, so I think that they’re ready to come out and play and show what they can do.”


On if he sees the mistakes as fixable
“Yes, I thought it was. Everyone was just over-hyped for the game. I know it was the opening so guys were worried about not making mistakes too much and they were just over-thinking the game, but that just comes with the season opener.”


On how ready they are to have a dominating defensive performance
“I think that the time will come for that. You can’t really determine when that will happen and be too focused on when it will happen. It’s all in God’s hands. I can’t tell you but when it happens, it happens.”


On if it will be sweeter to dominate defensively
“It would be helpful, but we’re not really focused on that. We’re just focused on trying to help the team win each week.”


On how important it is to build confidence and swagger
“It’s very important, especially confidence, but you can only build confidence in preparation. That’s throughout the whole week being prepared and knowing your assignments. I tell them just do your job and if you take care of your responsibilities then that confidence and that swagger comes with it.”


On what the defense did well on Saturday
“I think that we got the ball, we got some turnovers, and we got two interceptions. That’s something that, as the secondary, we pride ourselves on. I think that we communicated a little better, especially coming off of two losses from last year. I think that we made some good tackles, especially in space, and we still need to do that. It was 50-50 with the tackling in space, but I like where this defense is headed.”


On the 50-50 tackling in space
“What I mean by that is, sometimes you will miss, but I like how there were more hats around the football. Last year, occasionally, we left guys out in space one on one. I liked how when there were some guys out in space you saw more hats coming to the football to help teammates out, help each other out, and I really like that.”


On Wyoming quarterback Brett Smith
“He’s a good quarterback. I knew he was good coming into the game. He’s a good quarterback and can’t say anything else about him.”


On how to avoid looking ahead since Southern Mississippi is on a 13-game losing streak
“You just have to worry about the opponent in front of you. You can’t look into anybody else. I know this team isn’t looking at anybody else right now, especially with the way we played on Saturday. Especially the defense, I know that we’re looking at Southern Mississippi and Southern Mississippi only.”


On how he’s feeling health-wise
“I’m alright. I’ll be ready to play on Saturday.”


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