Avery Moss Quotes (Sept. 30)

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Memorial Stadium
Monday, Sept. 30, 2013

Redshirt Freshman Defensive End Avery Moss
On improvements needed for the defensive
“For the defense as a whole – perseverance. Getting over that hump that we get to in games. As a d-line, I don’t want to see anymore 200-yards rushers. I want to keep their rushing game down, that would be big for us. Those are the two major things I want to see.”

On ‘getting over the hump’
“Every game has adversity. I feel like we have kind of stood in the middle of adversity and have been frozen by it and not been able to do much with it. I feel like once we get comfortable playing with adversity then we can really lock in and focus for four quarters. When thing get tough, don’t get strung up on what happened the last play and what you messed up on. Just go out there on the next drive and make plays.”

On how tough it is to trust your eyes when all you want to do is make big plays
“It’s actually really hard. The main thing the coaches teach is your eyes and your eyes take you to where you go and they are the strongest muscle in your body. They can put you in a position where you can’t make plays. If you don’t have your eyes where you are supposed to then you are really hurting the team more than you are helping.”

On how to get lined up faster
“Communication would be best for us. Whoever gets lined up and sees the call, then we relay it to each other. Then we can all get it so we will already be set. Communication would be the biggest thing for us so we can all get set and get the call.”

On there being any chance in focus now that Big Ten play is about to start
“All of us young guys have never played in a Big Ten game. So we don’t know how it is, while all the older guys tell us everything that happened before doesn’t matter. Now we are like Big Ten play is all that matters and that’s the focus. It’s like a new season opener for us and I think it is going to be crazy for all us younger guys to see actually how it is out there.”

On Illinois
“Their quarterback (Nate Scheelhaase), he’s good. I like how he plays. I think he deceptively fast. They have a pretty good running back and I think our d-line can get a lot of pressure on the quarterback.”

On Michael Rose and Zach Hannon giving the Huskers information on Illinois
“I talked to Mike about it because he is my roommates at home. I told him how I think he is good quarterback. He was telling me stories back in high school about how he would (dominate) out there. Mike thinks he’s a good quarterback too.”

On players he looks up to for leadership in adverse moments
“I don’t really look to anyone for leadership. For me, it’s about looking within yourself and having that confidence in yourself. Because if someone says something and you don’t have confidence in yourself then it doesn’t matter what they say it’s not going to help you because it’s self-inflicted. I like to hear from Ciante Evans and Jason Ankrah.”

On going hard in practice on the bye week
“I think that’s really good. I think that helped me a lot. A couple of weeks ago we were going off the scouts all the time and that’s really good but I felt like it changes a lot from scout team to the real thing. Playing against each other allows me to build my confidence because our O-line is good.”


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