Junior I-Back Ameer Abdullah (Sept. 30)

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Memorial Stadium
Monday, Sept. 30, 2013

Junior I-Back Ameer Abdullah
On how uncertainty of the starting QB affects the team

“We pretty much mix up quarterbacks with different units all the time, just trying to build good relationships with all the quarterbacks, all the receivers and all the (running) backs. So it doesn’t really affect our relationship very much.”

On how Taylor Martinez is handling being out
“He’s rehabbing hard to get back. He doesn’t want to miss much time, especially taking into account it’s his senior year. He’s a competitor so he is working his butt off to get back (on the field).”

On what it is like to be out and then be pushed into the starting role
“I just try to prepare the best I could. Just try to prepare to have the best performance every Saturday. I didn’t overthink anything. Rex (Burkhead) going down was huge in a lot of people’s eyes. Me, for the most part, I felt I was ready because I prepared well and I really didn’t overthink it.”

On giving advice to Tommy Armstrong Jr. and Ron Kellogg III
“I just encouraged them. There wasn’t much advice I could really give them. I just told them they could look back and lean on me if they get flustered at any time. Just encourage them really. Just giving them the confidence to go out there and play.”

On how physical the bye week was for the Huskers
“We got after it pretty good. We we’re pretty much going out there and making sure our fundamentals were crisp. Usually that sets up for a pretty physical practice. I feel like it’s really benefitted our team heading into this week.”

On if there is an increase in intensity this week because it is the Big Ten schedule now
“No it shouldn’t be. You should prepare the same whether it is for a Big Ten game or non-conference. I feel like everyone should focus on the little things a bit more, but intensity-wise, we bring the intensity every day and nothing is going to change.

On Illinois’ defense and how they attack
“I know they run a lot of odd front. A lot of weird blitzes. They do a lot of things that we haven’t seen before. So we need to be prepared for anything.”

On Illinois’ middle linebackers
“I feel like their whole defense is pretty solid. They got a couple guys that stand out like every team. We got some pretty good players on our side of the ball and I expect us to dominate them.”

On there effort for the team to play well for different quarterbacks
“Yeah, definitely. Taylor (Martinez) brings a unique ability to the game. He is one of the most dynamic runners in the game when he is able to bring the ball down and run. Filling that void is definitely something that we look to raise our ability around him a little bit more. I feel like our quarterbacks prepare well, they are just going out there, not trying to listen to all the outside noise and just focus on what they need to do to be successful instead of just trying to fill in for Taylor.”

On technology making it easier to watch film
“I prefer to come up here to watch film. It’s must more accessible. We have Hudl, online at home, so that makes it much easier to flip it up on your phone or iPad. I always watch film right after the game – win or lose. I usually do it right after the game here.”

On the aspect of his game he focuses on when watching film
“I always focus on is timing and when you should make your cut and your decision. I do this snapping thing and when I should make my decision and that’s really good to do when you’re watching film. That’s one element of my game I’ve been working on is just making good decisions and just hitting the hole hard.”


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