Junior Safety Corey Cooper Quotes (Oct. 7)

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Memorial Stadium
Monday, Oct. 7, 2013

Junior Safety Corey Cooper
On the first road game
“We got a good win on Saturday in our first conference game, so I think we’re ready.”

On playing the first five games at home
“I don’t know how much that helped us. Obviously, it’s good playing a home, but I think it was better for us to play well defensively in our first conference game. I think that will help us out more than anything else.”

On communicating on the road
“It can get pretty loud at home, especially on third down. Being on the road will make it a lot easier for us to communicate and be on the same page.”

On David Santos playing MLB on Saturday
“I think that helped out a lot. He has a lot of experience playing at that spot, and he’s a pretty confident player. He’s been around, so I think that helped out with the communication aspect.”

On creating more turnovers this season
“That’s something we put a lot of emphasis on this offseason. In spring camp we said we needed to create more turnovers to give our team a chance to win. We stress that in practices and meetings, and I think it’s paying off for us this season.”

On being satisfied with the takeaways
“We’ve been doing a pretty decent job at creating turnovers, but we can always do a little more.”

On Purdue
“They’re a spread team. They aren’t as unconventional as last week, but they use a lot of different personnel and they like to get the ball out in space. I’ll learn more as the week progresses.”

On facing a true freshman QB
“Regardless of who the quarterback is, we want to put pressure on him, frustrate him and make it hard for him. It’s tough being a freshman and playing that position, so if it is a freshman out there, hopefully we can take advantage of it.”

On playing at Purdue
“It’s just another football game, regardless of where it is. We can’t change anything. We still have to prepare. We still have to come with a sense of urgency this week in practice. It’s just football, so I don’t think it will make much of a difference.”


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