R.Freshman Quarterback Tommy Armstrong Jr. (Oct. 7)

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Memorial Stadium
Monday, Oct. 7, 2013

Redshirt Freshman Quartback Tommy Armstrong Jr.
On how comfortable he feels taking the offense on the road
“I felt great. The last few weeks of preparation went the right way. Our offense is feeling comfortable going into the Big Ten, so we’re ready.”

On getting prepared for the road atmosphere
“Honestly, it’s pretty much the same. Here, I don’t think I can go into a stadium that’s louder than this stadium. It’s incredible. We just need to prepare the right way. Coach (Tim) Beck always has the music up load to help us get out signals and yells across. It’s going to help this week.”

On being rotated out after successful scoring drives
“It’s not frustrating at all. Coach (Tim) Beck always told me it was going to happen. He just told me to run the offense and do the right thing and when we call you to go out there again just make sure you’re ready. That’s just the main thing I focus on is being ready at all times. Going out and scoring both drives then sitting down and watching Ron (Kellogg III) go out there and capitalize. It’s not frustrating at all."

On losing continuity on offense when being rotated in and out
“Not at all. Like I said before, it’s just preparation. When you’re ready you’re ready. You can go out and score and sit down and go two drives later and score again. You just got to be ready and be focused.”

On his knee
“My knee started feeling good at the beginning of the season as I was able to get a little bit of rest at the start of the season. Being able to rest a little bit after spring ball, fall camp and stuff like that. After school had started and actually being able to rest and heal a little bit.”

On when he knew he was going to start
“They always tell us at the end of the week just because they always want us to compete. Coach (Tim) Beck always tells us to go out there and compete for the job. They just pretty much let us know at the end of the week.”

On having skill players to step in and help the offense
“It makes it a lot easier just because they are veterans in this offense and they know what to do. Quincy (Enunwa) and Kenny (Bell) always tell me just stay focused and relax and just go make plays. There was a bunch of high balls where Kenny saved my behind on a few plays and Quincy will tell me just get me the ball and I’ll go catch it. Just the fact that they can tell me that makes me comfortable.”

On Kenny Bell’s highlight catch
“I was surprised that he actually caught it just because throwing against the wind was pretty hard so I threw it high. Being able to get the ball over the MIKE linebacker was pretty tough, but he went up and got it and I was surprised that he actually caught that. I told him thanks for saving my butt, so Coach (Tim) Beck told me to thank him because the safety behind him probably would have got me.”

On mindset going into practice
“It doesn’t change. I’m going to compete and start like I’m the No. 1 guy like I do every week. If Taylor (Martinez) comes back, he comes back but my main objective is to just prepare the right way and wait until my number is called.”

On playing on the road
“I like playing at home, but it’s just a great feeling to just have an away game to just get away a little bit. All the guys are looking forward to it so we are real prepared for it.”


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