Jeremiah Sirles is a veteran leader of NU's O-line.
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Jeremiah Sirles Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Monday, Oct. 21, 2013
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)

Senior O-Lineman Jeremiah Sirles
On going on the road again

“One nice thing about Minnesota is that we’ve been there before, so it’s not like we’re walking into a brand new environment, which is nice. They are a much-improved team compared to last year and even the year before. They took it to Northwestern up front on the defensive line at least and took them off the ball and did a really nice job of rushing the passer. The tackles and the whole line is really going to have a task for them this week to see how we handle it.”

On the test physically against Minnesota
“They are big, strong guys – typical Big Ten defensive line. Big, strong and really know how to plug up their gaps and stay gap sound. Their linebackers are very good at trying to push everything where they want the ball to go and where they have the extra hats. It’s really going to come down to coming off the ball. I don’t see this game coming down to a lot of 80-yard runs. It’s going to be seven yards here, four yards here and another eight yards here with both sides grinding it out. It is going to be a physical battle for both lines.”

On the importance of this six-week finish
“It’s a six-week meat grinder is the way I look at it. No more bye weeks. No more breaks. It’s got to be one after another and it’s going to be boom, boom, boom. I think that its really going to define who we are as a football team. We’ve grown leaps and bounds from week one to where we are both offensively and defensively. These next six weeks everything is out there for us. It’s anyone’s conference right now. If we run the table, we have a chance and we could be sitting back in Indy playing who knows. That’s how we’re looking at it as the next six weeks can define our season, but we need to focus on one team at a time.”

On their being pressure for the last six weeks
“The two bye weeks has been a different experience, but I’ve definitely enjoyed it. It gives you a chance to mentally regain yourself. Take a couple days away from the stadium and then just come back to work after a day off. Just being able to take a day off to do school work or look at film. I think the weight staff has done a good job to keeping us well-prepared in the weight room. It’s Big Ten play now, so every time you walk out on the field it’s going to matter more and more.”

On how the guys have responded to Spencer Long’s injury
“That’s a hard void to fill. Mike Moudy, Ryne Reeves and Givens Price have all had a phenomenal couple weeks. I think they really understand that there’s an open position. I think they all understand it’s a great opportunity. It’s not something you wanted to happen by Spencer getting hurt, but it’s part of the game. It’s something you always have to be ready for because you never know when your name will be called. I think that all those guys prepare every week like they are going to play, and I think that’s why Moudy was able to come in and play so well against Purdue. These three guys really understand that and they really prepare like they’re going to play.”

On Givens Price and how he has stepped up
“Givens had a fantastic summer. We all saw him really grow. Honestly, I think he had a little bit of a rough start to camp and then something clicked with him during the last three to four weeks. He’s been playing really good football with good footwork and good technique. He can move people. I think he’s still trying to grow into his own body. He’s still a kid. He’s only 19 in his third year here, which is insane. With his strength and our coaching staff and growing him into his own, I think he really has a chance to get into the mix and the rotation.”

On Givens Price being so young
“I can’t imagine coming to college when I was 16 years old. I could barely make it to class in time during high school. I couldn’t imagine having the pressures of college when you’re 16. We tried the best to sort of take him under our wing and I tried to do that. I think he’s grown up a lot in the last six months, because he’s needed to. I think with Spencer’s going down, he understands the opportunity that’s in front of him.”

On having Taylor Martinez back in pads
“To have our four-year starting quarterback back was a pretty big deal. Hat’s off to Ronnie and Tommy. They’ve done a phenomenal job these past few weeks stepping in and really leading us to be perfect, so to say, and leading the offense. But I think everyone knows that Taylor is our guy and that he’s been our guy for four years now. He’s proven that. He’s brought us back when we’re behind and he’s shown how great of a quarterback he can be. It’s exciting to have him back because we are really going to need him. We've got a six-game stretch here and it’s going to be tough and it’s going to be a grind. Being able to have Taylor back there is going to make it easier for us because it’s not going to be an easy road.”

On if he thinks Taylor will play
“I have no idea. I’d love for him to play. I’d love to have our starting quarterback behind us going into the meat of our Big Ten play. I thought he looked pretty good at practice yesterday, but we will see how he looks putting back-to-back practices together.”

On how Taylor has handled being out
“He’s done a very good job of not showing it very openly. You don’t see him hanging his head wandering around with a 'poor me' attitude. I can understand if he is frustrated because it’s his senior year, so I’m sure he’s had some frustration, but I think he’s done a really good job at not letting it take over. He’s been there for Tommy and for Ronnie and been there for all of us along the way helping out however he can.”

On the road being filled with Husker fans
“I love it, man. It seems like everywhere we go at least a quarter if not half the stadium is red.”


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