Northwestern Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska vs. Northwestern
Saturday, Nov. 2, 2013
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)

Northwestern Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald Postgame Quotes
Opening Statement
"Thanks for everyone being here, especially those who traveled from Chicago. Just a tough way to lose, obviously the way the guys battled, a lot of guys going down thoughout the course of the game and to see the way they battled was absolutely amazing. We just needed to find a way to make one more play. Get the ball in the endzone there offensively and then obviously the fourth-down play and the last play there at the end. Give credit to Nebraska, great win by them, but we have to get healthy. That is the No. 1 thing right now, we need it, obviously it would have been a lot better with a win. We just have to keep grinding and keep going."

On the protocal for playing against a Hail Mary throw
"We have guys on guys and then you can never let somebody get behind the pile. I couldn't see it, I was blocked, I don't know if Jordan (Westerkamp) was the back side reciever and ran behind everyone or what it was. That is pretty much it."

On the injuries, which are the most concerning
"They all do, there is not one that doesn't concern me. It has kind of been that kind of year, it seems like three or four guys are going down in each game, same thing on Nebraska's side, I know they lost some kids today too. Our thoughts and prayers are for those guys that got dinged up, but they are all major concerns and they all are big time members of our family. They miss a minute, it is a big concern."

On if Coach Fitzgerald felt sick to his stomach after the last play
"Yeah, I mean I watched the Cats (Northwestern) win on one of those on TV before, it is a tough deal, I feel for our guys. They fought, scratched and clawed-and again-maybe I should have done something different at any point in the game. I didn't, its on me. Obviously we can't keep doing this."

On how you explain what happened in the locker room
"You don't, what words can describe on how you can change your feelings after something like that."

On what the mood is in the locker room
"I told them I am proud as heck of their fight, what do you think the mood is? How is your mood?
--Reporter answers, "My mood? I am supposed to be neutural"
--Fitzgerald response "Yeah well you aren't right? That is the same mood you have and they have. You got one taken away from ya, give credit to Nebraska, they were the ones who took it."

On the 4th and 15, and whether or not he could have done anything different
"Yeah absolutely, we got them in 4th-and-15 and we had two guys with him four yards short and their guy faught harder to get the first down. That is what it looked like to me. The play that I have to see on tape is the play where I am assuming the guy was out of bounds with 11 seconds left. Was he out of bounds?"
--Media response--"Very close, not a good replay."
--Fitzgerald response--"Yeah I couldn't tell, that is what it is."


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