Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Q&A: Anna McDonald

By NU Athletic Communications

Favorite animal: My favorite animal is definitely a giraffe. People often say I look like one because of my long legs and freckles

Favorite candy: Nothing beats starburst!

Celebrity crush: My celebrity crush will always be Zac Efron.

Favorite childhood memory: One of my favorite childhood memories is going up to my grandparent’s lake house in Texas with my cousins during the summer.

What are your pre-meet rituals? Before a meet I have a pump up playlist I like to listen to so I can get in the zone. I also have a stretching routine.

What superpower would you choose? Flying would definitely be the coolest super power.

What is your dream job? Being a food taster. You get to eat for a living, which sounds pretty great to me! But all jokes aside I am looking to be a physician’s assistant and am very excited about it!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? I have always wanted to go backpacking in Thailand. The culture there is so interesting and the scenery looks incredible!

What is your fondest swimming memory? One of my fondest swimming memories was my last race for club swimming. I was swimming the 400 IM against my sister, Kate, and her and I always competed against each other in this race. We had a fun sister rivalry when it came to the 400 IM, and after the race she ran over and hugged me because it was possibly the last race I would swim against her. It was really sweet and a really nice memory.

What does success mean to you? Success has so many different definitions, however personally I think success is being happy. You can be successful without being the best at everything, as long as you give your all and are happy with your best effort.


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