Nebraska Athletics Leadership Society
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Nebraska Athletics Leadership Society

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*176 Donors in 16 States | NALS Membership Goal: 300 donors by 2020*


Launched in 2016, the newly created Nebraska Athletics Leadership Society is the annual comprehensive giving program in support of the Student-Athlete Experience Fund. This leadership group is comprised of alumni, friends, families, and business partners with 176 donors that will be a part of the inaugural membership spanning 16 states and two countries.

Giving levels start at $25,000 per year with members being recognized at the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Ruby levels and includes amenities and experiences that go beyond tickets, parking, and hospitality. In appreciation for this level of loyalty and generosity, we will work closely with each Nebraska Athletics Leadership Society member to demonstrate firsthand how this investment is impacting nearly 600 student-athletes through transparent communication, exclusive events, and one-of-a-kind Nebraska Athletics experiences.



*All University of Nebraska Giving Societies are based upon comprehensive lifetime giving


Do I still earn priority points for making additional philanthropic gifts towards this society?

All gifts received will still accrue priority points based upon the standard three points for every $100 donated and will help build priority points and lifetime giving for future ticketing and parking moves and additions. You can choose not to receive any priority points, which can change the tax deductibility of your gift.

I already make gifts tied to my seating and parking, does that count toward the leadership society?

Yes, all annual based gifts tied to seating and parking count towards your leadership society overall annual pledge. If your annual commitment is less than $25,000 per year, gifts can be made toward the Student-Athlete Experience Fund to reach the pledge level associated with the leadership society.

How long is my commitment and when do I need to pay it by?

As a leadership society annual donor, you will follow the same timelines associated with the Nebraska Athletics Development and Ticketing giving timeline in which all gifts are due by April 1 and your membership and amenities will run from July 1, 2016-June 20, 2017. This is an annual based membership program, so you are not committed to a long-term pledge.

What if I made a pledge or am currently making gifts towards an endowment, capital project, or have a planned gift?

Capital projects, planned gifts, and endowment gift pledges and payments, are not counted toward the donor's annual pledge, therefore you will not receive access to this exclusive leadership annual giving society.

For more information on membership in the Nebraska Athletics Leadership Society, please contact the Athletic Development Office at (402) 472-3111 or by email at


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