Current & Propsective Baseball Season Ticket Holders

Season ticket improvements (relocation of seats) and/or obtaining additional seats are allocated based on availability, the level of annual giving per seat contribution that you wish to assume, and priority points.

Current season ticket holders must renew their current season tickets before ticket improvements and/or additional seats will be allocated.

The Seat Yourself process helps current and prospective Nebraska Baseball Season Ticket Holders who wish to explore the option of moving their season ticket(s) or acquiring new seats. During the process, those interested will be able to log onto the website and view an interactive map of the venue(s) in which they sit to view available seats, to make changes to their current seats, or to select additional seats. With the improvement to our ticketing request system, all seat changes for Football, Volleyball, Men's and Women's Basketball and Baseball will be handled online only using the Seat Yourself process.

If you are satisfied with your current seats and do not wish to purchase new seats, you do not need to participate in the Seat Yourself process.

If you would like to change your seat location(s) or purchase additional seats online, simply select the Location Preference under Special Requests or note the quantity for additional season tickets requesting when you renew your tickets online. You may also check the box on your printed ticket invoice indicating that you wish to participate in the process and return it to Nebraska Athletic Development and Ticketing by the deadline for the sport. With this new process, no detailed preference information is needed.

The e-mail address printed at the top of your season ticket invoice will be used for all further communication regarding this process. Please make sure we have your correct e-mail address listed in this location.

Other Important Information
  • A maximum of eight (8) new season tickets will be allowed per account for the 2019 Baseball season through the Seat Yourself process.
  • New tickets purchased in the Seat Yourself process are not transferrable for the current sport season.
  • This process is valid for club tickets/seats.
  • If you wish to request a seat change to accessible seating or to purchase new seats in accessible seating areas, please contact Nebraska Athletic Ticket Office at 800-8-BIG RED.
  • If you do not choose to change your seats during the Seat Yourself process, you will retain the previous location, unless seats were moved by the Athletic Ticket Office to avoid one-seat gaps.
  • While Athletic Department staff members are unable to move your seats online for you, we are happy to walk you through the process. For additional information about the Seat Yourself process, please call the Nebraska Athletic Ticket Office at 800-8-BIG RED.
How the process works

  • If your donation account is paid in full by the deadline specified in your Baseball Season Ticket Information Folder and you have requested to improve or acquire new seats, you will be e-mailed additional information mid-November and assigned a day/time slot to change current seats or select additional seats.

  • Nebraska Athletics reserves the right to adjust timeslots and/or quantities if an account has been determined to not be the primary user of season tickets.

  • Day/time slots will be assigned in order of 1. Priority points (as of the specified deadline), 2. Annual giving and 3. Ticket account number.

  • After days/times are assigned, you may log on to view the online venue interactive map as often as you wish.

  • The Seat Yourself process for the 2019 Baseball season will begin January 9 and will end January 10. Current seat locations will be retained unless you select other seats and choose to release your current seats. Once you release your current seats, they will become available for other Seat Yourself users to choose.

  • After changing seat location and/or ordering additional season tickets, an online payment may be required for any additional ticket and donation costs. You will be informed of this cost upon selection.

Contact Us

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