Pictured above from left: Ronnie Green, Bill Moos, Scott Frost, Hank Bounds and Tom Osborne.
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Osborne on Frost: Intelligent, Articulate with Values

By Randy York

Following Sunday’s press conference to introduce Scott Frost as Nebraska’s new head football coach was a multi-faceted experience for me, so I can only imagine what it meant to Tom Osborne, who saw Frost show his respect and appreciation for the Huskers, one of the five best college football programs of all time.

“There was a lot of offense in the highest scoring college football game of all time Saturday,” Osborne told me. “I was glad to see Scott’s team pull out the win.  There were a lot of skill players on the field. Memphis has a good football team and a good head coach, too.

“Scott and I have talked off and on about when he was in Oregon, at Northern Iowa, at Kansas State and more recently at Central Florida,” Osborne said. “We talk fairly frequently and stay in touch. I’m pleased to hear that Scott is coming to Nebraska.

“Scott brings a lot to the table,” Osborne said. “He has a varied background. He’s been a college defensive coordinator and an offensive coordinator. He’s played at a high level as a quarterback in college football and he’s played at a high level as a defensive player in the NFL. Very few people have that kind of combination of experience and abilities.”

Osborne believes the thing that Nebraska will profit from the most is Frost’s intelligence. “He’s articulate and has really good values to go with everything else,” his former coach said. “Scott has a very good grasp on things that need to be done here to be successful.”

Pointing out that Nebraska isn’t exactly like USC or Ohio State, Osborne said the population base here "isn't  real large, but Nebraska is a place that can be successful, but you have to do certain things to get there, and Scott understands that."

“One very important thing about Scott coming home is what he brings to the table,” Osborne added. “There are very few coaches in the country who would understand that, and I am very pleased that he is coming here.”

Turning Things Around at Central Florida Was a Masterpiece of Labor and Love

Turning things around at Central Florida was a masterpiece of labor and love. Frost inherited a 0-12 team and made it 6-6 when he arrived before losing a bowl game that same inaugural season. A Frost-led Central Florida team advanced to 10th in Sunday’s poll and will play Auburn Jan.1 in the Peach Bowl in Atlanta.

Frost (above with athletic director Bill Moos) had to clear high hurdles at Central Florida, and he did it with experience, savvy, resolve, talent, coaching and unity.

Central Florida was 0-12 when Frost arrived and led his team to a 12-0 record two years later in the highest scoring conference championship game in college football history.

If you know what you’re doing, you introduce accountability and you start the season program in strength and condition training and all kinds of other things.

“Scott knows what to do and it worked out well,” Osborne said. “I just think it’s a little bit miraculous to do what Scott did at Central Florida. The danger is people saying ‘well if he can do that in two years at Central Florida, he can do that at Nebraska or wherever else he goes.’”

Tom Osborne Says Scott Frost Made a Turnaround That Was Almost Unheard Of

Count a sage like Osborne to modify that miracle. “It’s not really that quick or that easy,” he said. “It would be nice if it was and maybe you can have that kind of turnaround, but doing that in such a short period of time is almost unheard of. Scott obviously pushed the right buttons in a very short period of time. He recruited a lot of players that were able to excel athletically. I think trying to preserve the recruiting class as much as he can and add some new ones is his top priority and primary focus. That’s a lot to do.”

Even though Osborne had nothing to do with Frost’s success at Central Florida, Nebraska’s three-time national championship coach is certainly “willing to listen if Scott ever wants to call me to talk,” Osborne said.

“Scott is his own person. He’s experienced and that will continue,” Osborne added. “If there’s something he wants to talk over, I’m glad to visit. I do not call him, and I will not be one hanging around on the practice field. Scott has to run the show.”

Osborne calls Frost very tough physically and mentally. “He certainly has some attractive qualities,” his former head coach said. “I know fans remember him as a national championship quarterback, but I really hope that they will give him some space and some encouragement.

“Scott will get things adjusted and do it his way,” Osborne said. “I’m hoping that expectations will modify to some degree, and I think you will see steady progress.”

Frost Strengths Were Multi-Faceted; He’s Intelligent, Makes Decisions Quickly

Frost’s strengths are multi-faceted. “He’s intelligent and able to make decisions quickly,” Osborne said. “He did that as a player and as a coach. He relates well to people. I think he’s good relating to players, staff members and young recruits. I also think he will do a good job with the press.

“All of those things are important,” Osborne said. “I don’t see a weakness. Scott does everything well.”

One of the hardest things for Frost and for everyone else is “how much he cares about his players,” Osborne said. “I think that’s what made it really hard for Scott to leave Central Florida because he recruited them and coached them for two years.

“There are a lot of coaches who, if they get a bigger contract offer, some don’t even stay to talk to their team because they want to do what’s best for me,” Osborne pointed out. “That’s not Scott. He cares about his players, and he cares about those who contribute to the program. I think that’s an admirable quality.”

Former Head Coach: There’s Not Anything that I Think Scott Won’t Handle Well 

Osborne believes “there’s really not anything that I think Scott won’t handle well,” he said. “He cares about everyone who contributes to the program. There are always questions. Things need to be addressed, and I’m sure Scott will do that. But it’s going to take time and people to understand that.”

College football is always a game that can be unpredictable and make you shake your head.  A Hall-of-Fame inductee with three national championship rings that he never wears, Osborne understands how perplexing the game can be.

An inaugural member of the NCAA College Football Championship Playoff Board of Directors, Osborne watched Georgia hammer Auburn to win the Southeastern Conference championship Saturday night on TV. “I thought Auburn would win, but they didn’t,” Osborne said.

Unexpected outcomes make college football what it is. NCAA coaches, players and fans multiply the intensity of a season that begins in August and ends five months later.

Scott Frost Grew Up on Nebraska Campus When His Mom Was a Track and Field Coach

No wonder Nebraska Athletic Director Bill Moos and new Husker Head Coach Scott Frost (pictured above) were so prepared to share their opinions on Sunday.

Check out their comments and get ready for a full month that will help determine Nebraska’s Operation Bounce Back in 2018.

10 Scott Frost Quotes

I can’t tell you how special this is for a kid that grew up in Nebraska and basically grew up on this campus when my mom was a track and field coach here and I was running around and getting into trouble.

I had a good meeting with the team. I saw a lot of fire in their eyes. I saw a group that was excited. I let them know that there’s going to be a lot of hard work and things to change, but it’s going to be a really fun process.

They looked excited. A lot of them came to my new office afterwards, and I talked to them individually. I told them to go home over Christmas and enjoy the time off but I want them to come back ready to go to work.

This is one of the best years of my life. Having my first child at my age is the best thing that’s ever happened. I coached a special group in Florida. We had an unbelievable season and I’m looking forward to doing that here.

We already have boots on the ground getting out to see recruits and letting them know where we are and who’s going to be here. The response already has been tremendous. We’re going to get a lot of things done."

I haven’t slept in a while. I haven’t eaten much. I haven’t lifted weights or run. I haven’t gotten a haircut. Yesterday was an emotional day because I genuinely care about the team. It was an unbelievable victory and a really difficult task to say goodbye.

I didn’t make a decision to come here until this past week. I wanted to give everything I could to honor my players at UCF and make sure I was giving them 100 percent in my effort. It worked out really well. I’m glad.

I’m going to take a little time to name those guys, but I will tell you that the staff I hired at UCF is a group of men that are unbelievable coaches that have unbelievable character.

When coaches get a bigger job or change from one school to another, they think they need to hire different people. The guys that helped us win there can help us win here. I expect the majority to come.”

We’re going to do things the right way so people can be proud. This is where I wanted to be. I wanted to be home. That’s the decision I made, and we’re going to go 100 miles an hour and full speed from here.”

Five Quotes from Nebraska Athletic Director Bill Moos (pictured above)

Scott Frost not only is the premier young coach in America. I believe he was everybody’s first choice, and I got the pick of the litter.

I did not offer the job to anyone other than Scott. He never asked for money. What Scott wanted most was time to get this done and do it right.

The style of offense that will capture the attention of the Big Ten is the Chip Kelly/Scott Frost offense. You saw it. It was a track meet with all options going.

When we went into the weight room, and Scott didn’t know that the football lettermen were going to be in there, and there were over 100, that choked me up.

If I’m going to hire one of the premier coaches in the country, we’re going to pay him a premier salary. This is Nebraska. This is as good as it gets. We’re going to compensate.

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