Vasanti Shinde and Katerina Matysova were the only two Huskers to bring home two wins each against Purdue on Saturday.
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Huskers Can't Bust Boilermakers, Fall 3-4

By NU Athletic Communications

West Lafayette - The Nebraska women's tennis team brought a good game, but it was not enough to stop Big Ten Conference Rival Purdue on Saturday. The Huskers fell 3-4 to in thier fifth conference match-up of the season, bringing Nebraska's season record to 13-5 overall. 

The Big Red picked up the doubles win quick after the start of doubles compeition. Bringing the Huskers ahead in the match 1-0. 

Junior Paula Del Cueto Castillo and senior Brianna Lashway were first to rocket to a close for Nebraska. The No. 1 doubles duo picked up a 6-0 straight set win over Silvia Ambrosio and Caitlin Calkins of Purdue advance their records on the season. 

Coming in second at the No. 3 doubles position was junior Vasanti Shinde and senior Katerina Matysova. Shinde and Matysova defeated Seira Shimizu and Alex Sabe of the Boilermakers in a 6-3 final decision to give Nebraska a leg up on the morning. Both Shinde and Matysova would advance to be the only two Huskers to also pick up singles victories later on. 

Showing valuable experience, team captain Matysova was first to finish on the singles courts. The Erding, Germany, native showed a swift 6-1, 6-4 victory over Calkins at the No. 5 singles position to push Nebraska to 2-0. 

Following Matysova's win, the Huskers fell on court 1, court 6 and court 4. These three victories for Purdue put the Boilermakers ahead 3-2 on the match. 

Evening the score for the Big Red was Shinde at the No. 3 singles position. The Pune, India, native captured a well-played three set win over Sabe, giving up only 12 set points and resulting in a 6-4, 4-6, 6-4 final score for the day. The match was tied and in need of a clinch for the win. 

Sophomore Claire Reifeis fought through three tough sets, winning the first in a stunning tiebreaker. However Reifies fell in the last two consecutive sets, giving Ena Babic a 6-7, 6-4, 6-1 victory. 

Nebraska will be back in action tomorrow, April 1, in Bloomington, Ind., against the Indiana Hoosiers at 10 a.m. Fans who miss the action can keep up to date with the Huskers by watching for complete recaps on or by following the team on Twitter, at @HuskersWTennis. 



1. Silvia Ambrosio (PUR) def. Brianna Lashway (NEB) 6-4, 6-2

2. Ena Babic (PUR) def. Claire Reifeis (NEB) 6-7 (2-7), 6-4, 6-1

3. Vasanti Shinde (NEB) def. Alex Sabe (PUR) 6-4, 4-6, 6-4

4. Seira Shimizu (PUR) def. Paula Del Cueto Castillo (NEB) 6-2, 4-6, 6-2

5. Katerina Matysova (NEB) def. Caitlin Calkins (PUR) 6-1, 6-4

6. Zala Dovnik (PUR) def. M'Balia Bangoura (NEB) 6-2, 6-4


1. Paula Del Cueto Castillo/Brianna Lashway (NEB) def. Silvia Ambrosio/Caitlin Calkins (PUR) 6-0

2. Ena Babic/Zala Dovnik (PUR) vs. Claire Reifeis/Hayley Haakenstad (NEB) 5-5, unfinished

3. Katerina Matysova/Vasanti Shinde (NEB) def. Seira Shimizu/Alex Sabe (PUR) 6-3

Match Notes

Order of finish: Doubles (1,3); Singles (5,1,6,4,3)


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