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Walters Notices Progress in Husker Offense

By NU Athletic Communications

Lincoln - The Nebraska football team practiced in Memorial Stadium for a little more than two hours on Thursday in full pads. Offensive Coordinator Troy Walters spoke with the media following practice to discuss the progress he has seen the team make as it works to install a new offense.

Walters spoke about how practicing in Memorial Stadium can have a special feeling to it because of all the history that has taken place there.

"It felt great," Walters said of practicing inside Memorial Stadium. "Any time you can practice in Memorial Stadium, all the tradition and history involved with that stadium, it was awesome. I actually caught a punt before practice just to add to my bucket list of catching a punt in Memorial Stadium. It's a special feeling, and I think our guys understand how special it is and they came out and had a good practice."

Walters went on to talk about the progress he saw the offense make at practice.

"We did well," Walters said. "We're throwing a lot at them. We basically have everything installed, the foundation. So now we're kind of adding some wrinkles here and there, and the defense is always giving us problems in terms of what they do...their blitzes and their pressures and different fronts. So there are adjustments to be made but the guys are embracing everything we throw at them, and they're doing a good job."

Walters explained what he was looking for going into spring ball and how the team has come to meet those expectations.

"We kind of took it day by day," Walters said. "We wanted to make sure we installed the foundation of what we do, and we've done that. So now the guys have a pretty good knowledge of what we expect, what we want to do this fall. So now they are able to go out there this summer and execute. They are going to practice on their now they kind of know what to practice, what to do so that when we come back in the fall, we don't miss a beat."

Walters also touched on the chemistry he has seen between the quarterbacks and wide receivers with all the young talent in those position groups.

"It's good," Walters said. "It's important that the receivers and quarterbacks are on the same page. We emphasize that as a receiver that quarterback has to be your best friend. You've got to spend time with them not only on the field but off the field and make sure you are all on the same page. As a receiver, we have to make sure that the quarterbacks are confident and that we are going to be in the right place, and then when they do throw the ball to us we're going to make a play."

The Huskers will return to practice on Saturday. Nebraska’s annual Red-White Spring Game presented by First National Bank is set for Saturday, April 21 at Memorial Stadium.


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