Landon Savage celebrated a milestone with excellent seats at Nebraska's Spring Game.
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Meet Huskers' Happiest, Proudest Football Fan

By Randy York

Six days after Husker Nation’s official “Welcome Home” to Scott Frost, the timing seems right to honor the happiest, the proudest and the luckiest Husker fan on earth last Saturday. Meet Landon Savage, a 20-year-old lifelong Nebraska football fan who went from relatively anonymous to a big hit on social media.

When Facebook followers learned how Karlly Covington delivered the perfect gift to celebrate the couple’s first-year anniversary, the news went viral. Talk about a memorable moment. Landon was clearly emotional when he realized that Karlly, a lifelong Oklahoma fan, had purchased two great seats in a sold-out Memorial Stadium to honor their first-year anniversary as a couple.

This unique “love story” created a 20,000-view radius for videos. More than 600 favorites emerged in the 100 shares on Facebook, which reached 1,000 more followers.

“Video activity started slow but blew up once we started sharing them,” Landon said. 

Karlly Pretended She Had a College Class Assignment

“We were just sitting down and talking a week before the game,” Landon recalled. “Karlly  told me she had a college class assignment and asked if I could answer some questions. 

Of course he said okay, so Karlly pulls out a video game and Landon starts to wonder if she’s messing with his head.

He quickly diagnoses some measure of psychology, especially when she asks him to answer every question in the best way he can. Karlly shows him a small picture of a car. The first thing that comes to Landon’s mind is a road trip, which she acknowledges.

The next picture she showed was an older couple, which made him think about a road trip with his parents. He shakes his head and admits nothing else comes to mind.

“Just think about it a little bit more,” she says before Landon admits he can’t.

“Okay let’s try something else,” she says, pulling out a picture of a spring with a pen next to it.

“Road trip with grandparents?” he asked. “I can’t think of anything else. I don’t have a clue.”

Karlly lays out another picture of a football, basketball and soccer ball. “A car ride with grandparents?” he guesses. “A road trip for grandkids who play those three sports?”

Unaware of any other reasonable possibility, Landon gives up. “We have farmers in our family but I couldn’t figure out where it was going,” he said. “I have no idea about what that spring means?”

“It means a lot,” Karlly answered.

Suddenly, “a little light went on in my head, and my face got really red,” Landon said.

Karlly smiled before sharing the clinching clue.

“The second she pulled out a big logo with the letter N, I put it all together,” he said. “We’re going to the Spring Game in Lincoln!”

Landon made that announcement with a reaction every bit as exciting as enthusiasts who say “I’m going to Disney World!”

Landon's words were memorable. “Oh my gosh, really?” he asked before admitting “I am freaking out.”

It was indeed amazing the way Karlly worked with both families at the same time. It was an ingenious idea for a one-year anniversary that came out of nowhere. "I would never have guessed it at all, especially when the whole country knew that every one of the 90,000 seats were sold in one day,” Landon said.

Even though Karlly is a staunch Sooner fan, “she knows my passion for Nebraska football, and I know her passion for Oklahoma,” he said. “She made my dream come true. It meant a lot to go to one of the greatest spring games in the history of the world. She had to battle to get some great tickets.”

A Classic Moment Featured Two Minds Thinking Alike

This was a classic moment where two minds were thinking alike even though the benefactor had no idea it was possible. “The minute I met Karlly I knew 100 percent she was the one for me, without a doubt,” Landon told me. “It didn’t bother me at all that she was a Boomer Sooner – two schools and programs who have great respect for each other.

“She has a Boomer Sooner mentality,” Landon said. “I still love her. She knows I’m from a Nebraska family and knew it a minute after we met each other. Whether it’s Christmas or my birthday, she knows I love the Huskers and is always getting me all kinds of shirts and hats.”

How Karlly spent three weeks working on the best present he could imagine was heart-felt. “She wanted to give me something meaningful and orchestrated all of that on her own,” Landon pointed out. “I still don’t know how she did it and kept it so quiet. It’s just crazy for me. Sitting in the lower section right behind Nebraska’s normal sideline was great.”

Landon and Karlly attended the same high school in Lubbock, Texas. He was one grade ahead of her, and neither remembers meeting each other before they attended college. She’s working on her Bachelor’s degree at Lubbock Christian University, and he’s enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.

As soon as Landon completes his Bachelor’s degree, he will attend a Marine officer candidate school and become a pilot. “When I was eight, Nebraska became my favorite football program ever. You never get the full picture of Nebraska until you attend a game there. My dad is a hard corps, down-to-the-bone, 100 percent Nebraska Cornhusker.

“When we lived in Puerto Rico, we followed Nebraska football every game,” Brandon said. “My dad works for the government and is glued to every game. He loved watching Johnny Rodgers, Mike Rozier, Eric Crouch and a lot of other favorites.

“My dad loved Bob Devaney and loves Tom Osborne,” Landon said. "He's real high on Scott Frost, too, because of the fire he brings to the table. Scott has every Nebraska fan’s attention. Like Devaney and Osborne, Scott recruits tremendous talent and molds hard-working players. He's going to be successful. He's the one who will bring everybody back together.

"The experience I had was just icing on the cake from what I expected from Coach Frost and the Huskers in general," Landon said. "I was extremely excited to see them take the field and they completely fulfilled every expectation I had from  throwing the football, running, blocking, plus the speed and intensity they all possessed from the beginning of the scrimmage until the end.

"The experience completely filled my heart with a new love for this team and a new passion for the Nebraska program. I also think my girlfriend is coming around when it comes to being a Husker fan. She was smiling the entire game and absolutely loved the release of the balloons. She thinks the tunnel walk is amazing because you have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the players just minutes before the game. She also thinks it was a truly different and great atmosphere with the Cornhuskers."

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