Alex Davis Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)
Monday, Oct. 8, 2018

Alex Davis
Junior, Outside Linebacker
On the most frustrating part of the game on Saturday
“Obviously we really wanted to win. Just getting it together and getting everyone to buy in and then just stopping it (Wisconsin’s offense) and getting off the field. As a defense, we want to get the 3 and out, it is always frustrating when we can’t do that.”

On how the team feels physically
“We knew going into the game that it was going to be a physical game. I feel like everyone is pretty good though. Every game has been really physical honestly. I feel like everybody is good. Especially me, I feel good.”

On the strength and conditioning
“Yes, you could feel it from the beginning of the season. The strength and conditioning this year has been great. I feel like everybody still feels explosive, it is just right now the execution. Executing is the main thing right now.”

On needing a win
“Like I said, we always want to get the win. But I think at this point right now we are just focused on the fundamentals and really dialing in and doing what you’re supposed to do and then [the win] will come.”

On the team’s progress
“Every game, every practice I feel like we are getting better and better. Like I said, it is small details that I feel like we need to fix. I feel like it is going to happen. You feel it in practice, you feel it in the game. Every game you see something that has improved.”

On the stability of the team
“I definitely feel like it feels a lot more stable. Like I said, I feel like it is mainly just the focus on doing the small things. Everybody is healthy and such so that can definitely make the team feel more stable.”

On an insider perspective on the defense’s improvement
“It feels more like a family. That is the main thing. When you are out there you have to be able to trust your brother on the right and left and that is pretty much how I feel. You can feel it in practice, you can feel it in the atmosphere of the whole defense. That is the main thing.”

On practicing third downs
“We always focus on third downs and pretty much everything. We focus on every aspect. We have different periods [of focus.]”

On Northwestern
“They are passing the ball a lot more. Especially with their running back being injured, or whatever happened I can’t remember, but they are definitely passing the ball a lot more.” 


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