Eric Lee Jr. Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)
Monday, Oct. 8, 2018

Eric Lee Jr.
Junior, Defensive Back
On the team’s mindset heading into the Northwestern game
“The mindset is just ‘keep fighting.’ We know how close we are. We know that the little things are definitely killing us, and that’s what we are emphasizing in practice. We know what we are capable of, we just have to go out there and execute.”

On what kept him going when he was down on the depth chart
“I think it’s just been the way I’ve been raised, and just, the way Coach Duval’s had us. I knew I was down, and I knew that was something I didn’t want to do, so I know I wasn’t just going to roll over. I was going to fight and keep fighting until my opportunity came.”

On when he knew he could be a key part of this team
“I think my performance in camp definitely helped show the coaching staff what I was able to do. I was just waiting for my opportunity at that point.”

On the team’s sense of identity compared to the start of the season
“I think, throughout the adversity we’ve faced so far, I think the big thing for this team was seeing whether we were going to fight back when we were down, and we knew last year that was the case. So, I think right now it’s good to see that we are fighting, and we know that we are going to compete no matter what the circumstances are.”

On if there is a heavy weight on the team due to its losing streak
“Yes and no, I mean that’s something we try not to focus on. We just look forward to the task we have this week and that’s accomplishing Northwestern.”

On the challenges Northwestern presents for the team
“They are definitely a talented team. Very disciplined, they are going to bring their A game, like Wisconsin. They don’t beat themselves, so that’s just something that we’re going to have to; make sure we don’t beat ourselves as well and bring our A game.”

On how well Nebraska fans travel to Northwestern
“The last time I was there, there was definitely a lot more red than there was purple. So, essentially it just felt like a neutral home game. So it’s always good to see the fans traveling.”

On the cornerback rotation and what he brings to the rotation
“I think rotating is definitely helping us, I mean we all get to stay a little more fresh. Each corner brings a little something different to the table, so it’s good to have a good variety and mix out there. I like to think I bring tackling ability. The ability to come down and tackle. I missed one last week and it kind of upset me, but I like to take a little more pride in that.”

On Northwestern throwing the ball more than past opponents
“That excites a secondary. Especially from the game last week where it was just a lot of runs, lot of runs, lot of runs. So, now it’s the secondary’s time to shine, and we know we have to be the backbone of the defense and make sure they don’t have a good day throwing the ball.”

On the defense’s improvements from last season
“I think the biggest thing is just our attitude and how we approach everything. That’s the biggest thing that I’ve seen a lot of improvement on.”

On what he likes about the defense this year
“I think the big thing is we’ve got a good relationship with our coaching staff. If we say ‘hey, we don’t like doing this,’ they’ll throw it out of the game plan. Or we might suggest something and they’ll throw it in the game plan. So it’s kind of a lot of communication and that’s something I definitely like a lot.”

On if the team is receiving more feedback this season
“Yeah, we get a lot more feedback. And it’s not just ‘this is what we’re going to do, it’s how it is.’ It’s more of a “hey, how do you like this, what are your thoughts on this.’ So it’s a lot more open.”

On if he can remember any examples of player suggestions during the Wisconsin game
“Not that I can think of right now, but it definitely happens a lot.”


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