Adrian Martinez Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)
Monday, Oct. 8, 2018

Adrian Martinez
Freshman, Quarterback 
On what he learned from the Wisconsin game film
“I would say I probably left at least 10 completions on the field. I made a couple mistakes obviously, but not as bad. I think I was a little hard on myself, but I think that’s the way it needs to be.”

On if the team is on the verge of breaking through for a win
“I would say so. Our team definitely has a little bit of new energy to it. I feel like this past week we were really gelling well. It’s definitely bound to happen. It’ll happen soon, I believe. I feel good. We just need to keep preparing and keep believing in ourselves, regardless. Just go into each week knowing that we can win this game.”

On his progression on check-downs and throwing the ball away
“I could definitely do a better job of that. I think I’ve made some progress. I threw the ball a few times against Wisconsin. There was one time where I tried throwing the ball away, and I almost got it picked off. I definitely need some improvement in that area and knowing when to find the check-down. Knowing when to throw hot when a blitz is coming. I made a mistake on that against Wisconsin as well. There’s definitely room to improve there. I just think that comes with awareness and experience as I progress.”

On his confidence in the passing game
“I feel very confident in my throwing ability. It really goes to my confidence in our receivers and our offensive line and the guys I have around me. I know they can make plays, and I know if I distribute the ball the way I should, we’ll be successful offensively. I think we have all the tools to be a really good offense.”

On how he’s improved the most as a quarterback
“That’s a tough question. I’d probably say a little bit in my confidence and knowing that I can compete at this level at a high level, I would say so myself. I think there was a little bit of uncertainty going in for myself. Obviously the coaches were confident in me, and my teammates believed in me but I needed to prove it to myself and I believe I did that.”

On if a specific play made him realize he can compete at this level
“I would probably say that first touchdown against Colorado. I think that was something I did in high school and something I knew I was capable of. It was just me playing football and I realized I can do these things. I needed to be a little bit smarter with the way I was running the ball a little bit. Obviously I still need to fix some of my ball security issues that I’m having, but knowing that I can play…I can play at this level and do it well.”

On balancing making a play and trying to do too much
“I think that just comes with being aware of the situation with my surroundings on the field in general. As Coach Verduzco says, he never wants to take away my stinger as a quarterback and as a playmaker…but just being smart. I caught myself doing a little too much on that one fumble there and just knowing what to do in what situation.”

On if he’s progressed as much as he expected through five games
“Given all that I’ve been through, I never doubted that I’d get to this point. Obviously with the surgery it was a little bit of a tough path to this point, but once I got here I knew the hard work would pay off. With the coaches we have here and the guys we have around me, I knew what I was capable of. I still don’t think I’ve reached my capabilities, and I don’t think I’m anywhere near as good as I think I can be in the future.”

On how his knee feels compared to three weeks ago
“I feel much better. I think the knee brace is as much a precaution as anything else at this point.”

On the penalty issues the team has faced
“I think it’s something we can improve on as a unit on both sides of the ball in general. Just knowing we can’t make mistakes like that, it’ll really cost us. It could turn out from being JD [Spielman] being at the 10 [yard line] to us ending up all the way at the 45 [yard line] two downs later. So little things like that can make a big difference, especially in the Big Ten when we play quality teams, and we just know we need to be as efficient as possible.”

On freshman running back Maurice Washington
“He’s just an elusive, fast guy. I think we get some favorable matchups with a running back out in the receiver spot or the slot. I think if you watch his get-off, man, he looks like a receiver out there. He’s just a very athletic person. He can really play football, so we’re not afraid to put him out there and have him run some routes.”


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