Tanner Farmer Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)
Monday, Nov. 5, 2018

Tanner Farmer
Senior Offensive Lineman
On if the improvements are there and the wins just haven’t fallen into place
“Definitely. We’ve improved so much throughout the year, we’ve gotten guys that are going to buy-in and do what it takes to get these wins. Unfortunately, just in this last game we came up a little bit short. The effort was there and a lot of the execution was there. It’s just the little things, getting to the really small things now, just an execution here an execution there can make the difference in the game. So we’re right there, I’m excited for these last three games, and I think we’re going to do great things.”

How the offensive line has improved over the last month
“As far as improvement, we’re adding new stuff into the playbook and we’re getting it down. We’re able to absorb these new things and be able to create good plays and do the best that we can to make sure that Adrian (Martinez) has time. To make sure Devine (Ozigbo) and Maurice (Washington) have holes to run through. I feel like we’re overall improving; run, pass game, we’re not giving up as many pressures, have had a couple sacks unfortunately but that happens and that’s what we have left to improve on is not giving up these sacks here and there. And making sure we can widen those holes even more.”

On personal feelings towards Illinois
“Growing up I was a huge Illinois fan. When I was being recruited they kind of snuffed me. Nothing against Lovie Smith (Illinois Head Coach), I think he’s a great guy and a great coach but I’m not as much of a fan of Illinois anymore.”

On recruiting experience
“Well I always wanted to go to Illinois growing up. It was where my grandfather went, I’ve had a bunch of cousins go there. I always did well at their camps. I think it was (Tim) Beckman (former Illinois Head Coach) that was there, he was the head coach. He brought me in and he goes “Farmer. We want you to walk on.” So my dad had a choice word or two for him. And after I said this is where I want to go, I want to commit here and all that good stuff, they said, “You want to walk on?” and I said, “I’m looking for a scholarship.” So a couple weeks later I went to the Rivals camp and O'Fallon [Illinois] I believe it was and I won “O-Line MVP” and I went to a Nike camp. And within a month, I had about 20 offers. Once I started looking other places then Illinois came around and said they wanted to offer me and it was pretty much too late by then. If I wasn’t good enough for you then, I’m not good enough for you now."

On his relationship with AJ Bush
“I follow him a little bit… me and AJ have fallen out of contact a little bit since he left. Every once in a while I will text him and say, “Hey, how ya doing?” I am very happy that he found a place there, and I have heard that he’s doing pretty well, especially in the last game. I am happy he is doing well, he is still my brother and I still love him. He’s a great kid but this weekend I plan on kicking their butt.”

On sending the seniors out the right way
“This coaching staff has shown us nothing but love. They have pretty much told us they want us to buy in and do everything that we can do to do that what is best for this team.  If you can do that, then we are going to do our best to help you help this team. This is a family. I feel like this coaching staff is almost father figures to us in a lot of ways. They have shown us nothing but love. Having that attitude to bring us out of this season in the best way possible, getting as many wins as we can, hopefully get these next three wins for these seniors that means a lot. He’s (Coach Frost) not going to hold back any punches. He is going to do his best for us, and we’re going to do our best for him.”

On Coach (Greg) Austin’s coaching since Michigan
“His coaching hasn’t changed at all throughout the season. He has been very consistent. The Michigan game we didn’t have a very good game, but that happens. Sometimes you don’t have a good game. Sometimes the players didn’t prepare correctly themselves or sometimes a coach misses something here and that happens. Nobody’s perfect. He has always been there, he has always been supporting us and he has always done his best to explain what we need to do to help make us be the best players we can be. He has never changed, and I am very appreciative of that.”

On Coach Austin’s passion
“He understands everything we have been through. The passion is there and it is extremely infectious. He has allowed his guys out there on the sideline, encouraging us. He wants more than anybody for us to do well. He has been here, he has been an offensive lineman here, so he knows all the struggles we go through and he knows what it takes. Being able to play underneath him has been an absolute honor and one of the best experiences of my life.”

On Coach Austin’s game day approach
“He’s into the game. He is watching. He’s not just watching us and paying attention to (everyone) and trying to encourage. He takes care of us, talks to us, tells us what to do and then he’s back out there watching the game, seeing what is going on, yelling and trying to get as much energy out there. It is extremely infectious. He is a great coach, just overall. Not just a great O-Line coach, he’s a great coach and a great man.”

On running back Devine Ozigbo being close to 1,000 yards
“Devine has been running hard and running his heart out. He has been doing amazing and we have been able to open some holes for him and give him some better opportunities this year. He’s not holding anything back because we’re not. Desire to excel with no fear of failure, everybody is playing that way and that’s what it takes. I think it’s a different attitude that our entire team has shown. Not just him, but all of us. It has opened up more opportunities for the offense everywhere.”

On Adrian Martinez’s leadership role
“It definitely has expanded more as he’s gaining confidence, not only in himself, but in us as we have proved that we can protect him, as we have proved we can open up holes for him to run through. He has been great with encouragement and sometimes I have a bad snap. I don’t feel very good about those bad snaps, but he’s right there and encouraging me and lifting me up, even though I’m almost five years his senior. He’s a leader for me and we’re able to lead each other and help lead each other through these hard times. He’s a great guy and the future is extremely bright for him.”

On Cameron Jurgens’ potential on the line
“We talk a little bit, but not too much. We are focusing on getting him healthy, we are just teaching him the scheme of it. It’s a little different than tight end. He is slowly coming along, but we’re not rushing it too much right now. We just want to make sure he gets healthy.”

The key to scoring on opening drives
“Coaches say, “Hungry dogs run faster.” We’re hungry. We want to win. We have been starving all year. We've only got two wins right now. We come out of those games and we lay everything on the line. You’re fresh and you have all the energy in the world, just give it everything you got. I feel very confident in our offense because when we are able to do that, when we are able to give it everything we have, I don’t think anyone can stop us. I have complete faith in our offense, everywhere.”

On cleaning up penalties
“Guys were very detailed. Who has beat us this year? We have beaten ourselves in a lot of areas, so we are making sure we fix all the areas we need. In this last game, it was just little things that got us, missing a catch here, missing a block there, and missing a cut there. These little things are what we are working on. We are using this to fuel us to be the best we can be. That’s all it is.”


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