Adrian Martinez Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)
Monday, Nov. 5, 2018

Adrian Martinez
Freshman Quarterback
On playing in cold weather
“We will see. I kind of experienced it in January, but it will be a fun experience.

On if the weather affects his playing
“I don’t think so. We will get a practice in sometime this week out there in the cold. We practice in the mornings all the time, I have a hand warmer. I can’t complain, we have heaters on the sideline. I think I’ll be just fine.”

On the little things
“I think it just depends. In the case of Ohio State, I think we had a couple of missed opportunities, some third-down conversions that might need to be a little bit better. Just fine-tuning those little details, especially in the Big Ten those little things count and can show up in big games.”

On the Ohio State game and being named the Big Ten Freshman of the week
“It is definitely an honor to receive that award. As well as our team played I feel like I could have played a lot better. Knowing I left some points out there on the field, there is so much room for improvement. We could be better than we are right now. I don’t believe in moral victories. Just learning from that experience. Our team fought. I think it’s just learning we can really play with any team in the country.”

On the addition of new plays
“It is a treat to play for a guy like (Head) Coach (Scott) Frost, (Offensive Coordinator) Coach (Troy) Walters, and (Quarterback) Coach (Mario) Verduzco. The guys that we have on this staff, they are innovative. They’ll bring something new to the table each week. It keeps us on our toes and obviously our opponents as well. It is just fun, I wouldn’t say it is challenging because they do a great job of coaching it throughout the week. It kind of fits within our scheme and some of the plays we already have in place.”

On the young tight ends
“They are all talented and like you said they are all going to be coming back so I am excited to have those weapons. I have a lot of trust in those guys. All big, tall and strong guys with good hands. So, I am excited and thankful to have them.”

On how much the playbook has grown
“I definitely would say it has grown but it just depends on the week and what our game plan in going into that specific opponent. I think the trust has grown a little bit and I have gotten more comfortable in this offense and so has the rest of our team. I think that has allowed Coach Frost and the staff to expand it a little bit and have a little more faith in what we can do.”

On Coach Verduzco’s advice and being smart
“I would say so. There have been plays that I have made something happen and it has worked out great within our offense and then, obviously, that play I don’t even want to talk about ever again. Like you said, just being smarter with my decisions and Coach Verduzco never wants to take away my stinger. He wants me to be a playmaker within our offense, but it is just knowing when to take those shots and when not to.”


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