Mohamed Barry Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)
Monday, Nov. 5, 2018

Mohamed Barry
Junior Linebacker
On his motivations for the last few games
“First, this is for our seniors, of course. For [senior outside linebacker Luke] Gifford, [senior defensive lineman] Mick [Stoltenberg], [senior wide receiver] Stan[ley Morgan Jr.], [senior inside linebacker] Dedrick [Young II], all of them… to send them out the right way, and to have these three wins, which is an improvement from last year. Having that record [5-7], it’ll be a good way to send them out, but also jut these three games will tell a story for next season. We’ve improved a lot throughout this last stretch of the season, and to have it go 3-0 with quality opponents, like Illinois, Michigan State and Iowa, will tell a story about next season. Even for me, as I return for next season, it’ll tell a story.”

On Illinois senior quarterback and former Husker AJ Bush
“AJ helped recruit me here, he was my host. When I came into this program, he was a big part of why I came here. To know someone from Fulton County [Georgia]… I knew his career in high school, from when he was in Milton to transfer to Norcross, and how he played well and was a good player. He was a big factor in recruiting too, so he brought me here basically. We were good buddies, we hung out a lot while we were here. I’m a good friend of AJ.”

On what makes AJ Bush dangerous
“Of course, he’s a great runner. He’s long, he can get you on your toes, and he forces you to make the move, because if you don’t make a move in time, he has a stride so he can then pull away. He forces you to make a move and he’s a good runner, so that’s what makes him dangerous.”

On if he’s ready to face AJ Bush
“Oh, yeah, I’m ready for that. When you play someone that you know… we used talk smack to each other all the time when we went against each other, so when I get my opportunity I’ll make him know that I’m there.”

On how defense adjusts to having a fast-paced offense
“I still think giving up points is not what we want to do, no matter how fast our offense goes and how long we are on the field. I feel like we have the talent and we have the coaches that we should hold offenses to fewer points than we are right now. And that will happen, no matter how many plays we have to defend, or how quick our offense goes, I just feel like we have the talent, we have the schemes, we have the coaches, we have the players like I said to do that. It hasn’t changed: every time we give up a point, it hurts. We don’t want that, and it hasn’t changed for me. I know sometimes you’ve got to understand how football works and how fast, how high-tempo fast-paced offenses operate and the situations they put their defenses in, but at the end of the day you need to have a standard for your defense, and that’s my standard.”

On his views on ‘trusting the process’
“Just buying in is doing whatever you can for your team, on and off the field. It’s understanding that you come last and your team comes first, so even with all the plays I’ve made this season, the stuff that hurts the most is what I did bad to put my teammates in a bad spot. That’s part of buying in, understanding that you’ve got plays to make that they expect you to make, but also the plays that you didn’t make. Stuff you don’t to do help the team is critical. You’ve got to understand that you have to do everything to put your teammates in the right position at all times on and off the field.”

On his role to help young players who aren’t playing as much
“They just have to understand the process. I’ve been through it. Be tough-minded, understand that you just have to get better. The biggest thing is you’ve got to be truthful to yourself, you’ve got to understand that there are reasons why you aren’t on the field, and that was hard for me to do during my career. I just thought as a young player that I’m ‘the man,’ and that’s great from one point, you need to have confidence, but you also have to learn how to be truthful to yourself and understand that you’ve got things to work on, and you’ve got to get better, and you need to cheer on the person who’s in front of you, and when it’s your time, make it count.”

On if it’s hard to see that as a freshman or sophomore
“It’s hard, it’s very hard. Again, you’re a competitor. A lot of our young guys are aggressive competitors, they want to be great, they want to make big plays, and to humble yourself and understand that someone at that particular moment is better than you is a hard thing. That comes with maturity, and it’s a lesson you have to learn as a player and then as man.”

On why the defense has improved
“Just people doing their job. I think our defensive backs played their best game of the season last game, and they just did an incredible job tackling. It all comes down to doing your job, and playing your technique. It puts people under the right position for tip balls, like Lamar Jackson, when he had the interception in the red zone, it was perfect technique. You just knew the entire play that he’d make a big play. The technique from the jump was really good. So, it’s doing your job and good things come out.”

On sophomore defensive back JoJo Domann
“When you label people, sometimes you’ve got something. I use Madden, for instance: you’ve got a tackler, you’ve got the big hits. I’d label him [JoJo Domann] as a playmaker. He’s just always in a position to make plays and he’s been like that since fall camp. He makes big plays, he’s going to get us turnovers, and that’s what he’s proven. He’s provided a lift for us, and some of our packages have been better with his addition.”

On his thoughts on the alternative uniforms
“I like the black cleats, the pants… I don’t know what else to say about it. It’s a uniform, I’m happy to wear it, and I’m happy to play for Nebraska with that uniform.”

On what would be a perfect uniform for him
“All black. I just love it. Black helmet, black everything. It is nice, the defense would love it. We’re all about the Blackshirt life. So, all-black uniforms. What we wore against Northwestern a few years back. Oh, I was so mad I didn’t play that game. I wanted to wear that uniform so badly. That one is the perfect uniform.”

On if they also like the all-white uniforms
“Yeah, those are pretty good… but I like all-black [more].”

On who on the team he thinks would like to wear the leather helmet
“I’d say Mick Stoltenberg, he just looks like the person to wear it. He has a big head, but it wouldn’t matter, you wouldn’t think he has a helmet anyways. He’s going to get on me for that.”


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