Postgame Notes and Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Postgame Notes

*-Nebraska held Maryland to 60 points, the Terrapins’ third-lowest total of the season. The Huskers have held nine opponents this season to 60 or fewer points.

*-Nebraska held Maryland to 37.9 percent shooting in the loss. It marked the first time in seven games this year that NU held an opponent to under 40 percent and lost.

*-Isaiah Roby posted his second double-double of the season and sixth of his career with 20 points and 14 rebounds. His 14 rebounds were a career high (previous high was 13 vs. Eastern Illinois on Nov. 11, 2017), while his 20 points were two shy of his career high.

*-Roby also had a season-high five blocks, breaking his previous high of four against Penn State on Jan. 10. His five blocks were just one shy of his career high.

*-James Palmer Jr. reached 1,000 career points with his basket at 14:55 in the second half. He became the 30th Husker to reach 1,000 points at Nebraska. He reached the milestone in his 56th game at Nebraska, the second-fewest games a Husker has ever needed to score 1,000 points.

*-Tanner Borchardt finished with six rebounds before fouling out, the fourth straight game he had at least six rebounds.

*-Thorir Thorbjarnarson made his first career start tonight.

*-Nebraska’s 45 points were the fewest it had ever scored in Pinnacle Bank Arena. The previous low was 46 points against Iowa on Feb. 22, 2015.

*-The Huskers also shot just 21.1 percent from the field, their lowest shooting percentage in Pinnacle Bank Arena history. The previous low was 27.1 percent against Ohio State on Feb. 20, 2016.

*-Maryland’s Bruno Fernando had 19 rebounds, the most by any player in Pinnacle Bank Arena history. The previous record was 18 rebounds by Michigan State’s Brandon Dawson on Jan. 24, 2015.

Nebraska Head Coach Tim Miles

Opening statement

“Well, I said on my radio show I hoped and prayed to God that this is rock bottom, but until we get out of our own way on offense… The kids are still competing on defense, I think, but until we can get out of our own way and find some rhythm on offense, we’ve got a real problem. I believe it’s mental.”

On when he felt they lost it

“When Tanner (Borchardt) got his second foul, I thought we really lost it. We went a whole four-minute segment without scoring. I really thought we just lost any rhythm we had. We had a couple of guys… when James (Palmer Jr.) got that foul, he stopped and ran into the kid, I thought he wasn’t as aggressive. I felt when Isaiah (Roby) missed a couple of free throws, he kind of turned down his aggressiveness as well. And then you end up with 20 points at halftime – that’s not going to get it done in the Big Ten.”

On poor shooting

“I really think it’s mental. I don’t see anybody having fun, I see stressed out young guys. We’ve got to get back to the love of the game and be able to relax. I mean, this is the time of a lifetime. Some of these seniors only have nine games left, and this is it. So, let’s play with joy, a little bit of joy. And I know they want to do well, but if all you’re worried about is the outcome and the consequence of that, then you’re going to get stressed, and you’re going to have problems. We’ve been spending individual time with guys, working with guys, but until we get of our own way, it’s not going to change.”


Junior Forward Isaiah Roby:

On why some players on the team are having confidence issues

"Like he said, nobody is really having fun right now. We all had really big expectations for this season, and we know that time just keeps running out with every game we play. I don't know, we've been working extra hard and everybody has been getting shots up. It's not like we're not putting in the work. It's just once we get in the game we're passing up too many good shots and it hurts us. So I don't know, I mean we lost (Isaac) Copeland, but we still have a lot of talent on this team. We've just got to find our spots"


On if it was a part of the game plan for him to be more aggressive tonight

"I wouldn't say it was a part of the game plan, it was just me being aggressive and finding my spots. I think early on they were playing me soft and I hit my first three (pointer), that opened up the court a little bit for me. Later in the game, they started to pack the paint a little bit more so I was just being aggressive from the start."


On if the players are capable of picking themselves back up and turning the season around

"100 percent. I have confidence in my teammates for sure, and myself. and I mean this game ended up not being competitive but every game we've lost has been pretty competitive. I'm definitely 100 percent confident."


Maryland Head Coach Mark Turgeon

Opening Statement 

“First, I want to talk a little about Nebraska. I feel bad for them. They lost a great player (Isaac Copeland Jr.). It’s amazing if you lose one guy, the effect it has on the team, especially someone as good as Isaac. I feel bad them because our league is so unforgiving and it’s so hard to win a game and you lose a key player like that, everybody says, ‘what’s wrong with Nebrasketball?’ They lost a great player and the league is terrific. If you ask any coaches in our league, they’ll say Nebraska is as well-coached as anybody else in our league. I think Tim (Miles) does an amazing job. He’s always positive. Defensively though, he’s locked in. They guarded the heck out of us tonight and if they could do a great job with their offense, their spacing, they go to the right guys. They’re just not playing with confidence right now. I know how tough this business is. I feel bad for Nebraska and Tim. Hopefully they can get some confidence moving forward. With that said, we were great defensively. Jalen (Smith), Bruno (Fernando) and Ricky (Lindo Jr.), our fours and fives were great defensively. We did a nice job on (James Palmer Jr.), who’s a terrific player from our area. Our guys were locked in, and Anthony (Cowan) was great on (Glynn Watson Jr.). We did a pretty nice job on (Isaiah Roby) once he started going. That’s the smartest we’ve played defensively this season. It was good to see.”


On Jalen Smith and his team's offensive execution

“We were really struggling. It was 15-8 and (Jalen Smith) really kind of changed the game for us offensively because we were really struggling. Since the Michigan St. game, I don’t know, two weeks, so 16 days, I think (Smith) has gotten like four or five extra weight workouts in because I asked him to. After practice he sticks around. and we get the pads out and beat on him pretty good trying to toughen him up a little bit. It’s starting to carry over. He still got the ball stripped out of his hands a couple times tonight on rebounds that he had, but he’s working to become a better player and that’s great to see. We need him. I asked him, I asked Serrel (Smith Jr.) and Aaron Wiggins to be more aggressive on offense every time I walk past them. We’re a much better team when we have five or six guys in double figures. So, (Smith) is working. He’s getting more involved. He’s getting more comfortable. Tonight he had some matchups where he can go into the post that he could exploit.”



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