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Huskers Finish Third at Big Ten Championships

By NU Athletic Communications

State College, Pa. -- The No. 17 Nebraska women's gymnastics team took third place in the Big Ten Championships on Saturday evening finishing with a score of 196.550. 

The Huskers competed in the second session of the day with Michigan State, Maryland, Ohio State and Rutgers all competing in the earlier session. All teams in the second session would go on to post scores that topped the first. 

Michigan's Emma McLean took home the vault event title, Sienna Crouse and Taylor Houchin both tied for fourth on the event. Illinois' Mary Jane Otto won the uneven bars event title with a score of 9.975, with Houchin tying for second with a score of 9.95 and Crouse tying for fourth with a score of 9.925. Gymnast of the year Lexy Ramler of Minnesota earned the balance beam event title with a score of 9.925, while Crouse tied for second with a 9.90 and Sierra Hassel tying for sixth with a 9.875. Freshman of the year Natalie Wojcik won the floor exercise title with a score of 9.95, Houchin and Catelyn Orel both tied for fourth with a score of 9.90.

No. 7 Michigan won their sixth consecutive Big Ten Championships with a score of 197.400, Illinois finished second thanks to a season-high team score of 196.650, while Nebraska finished third with a score of 196.550. No. 11 Minnesota took the fourth place spot with a score of 196.425, fifth place went to host No. 25 Penn State who ended the night with a score of 196.125. Iowa finished sixth (196.075), No. 23 Ohio State finished seventh (195.775), Michigan State finished eighth (195.425), Maryland finished ninth (194.800) and Rutgers finishing tenth with a score of 194.175.

Rotation One
The Huskers began the Big Ten Championships on vault. Crouse and Houchin led the way for the Huskers with a score of 9.85. Megan Verceles Carr stuck a powerful vault with a score of 9.75, while freshman Kaylee Quinn also hit with a 9.75. Anika Dujakovch finished with a score of 9.70 and Adnerys De Jesus finished with a 9.45 due to a stumble. Nebraska finished with a total team score of 48.900 after the first rotation.

The Huskers found themselves trailing the field after the first rotation with Michigan on top after they notched a team score of 49.300 on balance beam, Penn State and Illinois were not far behind them with the Nittany Lions finishing floor exercise with a team score of 49.275 and the Fighting Illini finishing on uneven bars with a team score of 49.250. Iowa and Minnesota began the meet with byes.

Rotation Two
Nebraska went into their first bye of the meet in the second rotation. 

After two rotations, Nebraska found themselves still trailing with Illinois in the lead with a team score of 98.500, Penn State behind them with a score of 98.050, Minnesota finished their first event on uneven bars with a score of 49.425, Michigan behind them with a score of 49.300 and Iowa finished competing in their first event finishing floor exercise with a score of 49.175.

Rotation Three
The Huskers looked to come out swinging and get themselves back into the fold on uneven bars. Houchin did what she does best and finished with a 9.95 after a gorgeous routine, a season high for the junior. Crouse as well stuck a beautiful routine that went for 9.925. Verceles Carr finished with a score of 9.85, while Catelyn Orel and Sarah Hargrove both finished with a score of 9.80 with De Jesus rounding out the team with a score of 9.45. The Huskers combined for a team score of 49.325 on uneven bars.

The Huskers jumped into third place with a combined team score of 98.225, finding themselves behind Michigan who have a score of 98.750, and Illinois who have a score of 98.525. Penn State is just behind Nebraska with a score of 98.050, while Minnesota and Iowa find themselves tied at the bottom with scores of 98.025. 

Rotation Four
NU looked to continue their momentum from bars into balance beam. Crouse continued her dominant all-around performance with a 9.90 with event specialist of the week Sierra Hassel right behind her with a 9.875. Megan Scwheihofer finished with a score of 9.875, while Hargrove finished her night with a 9.75. Orel hit with a 9.625 with Houchin rounding out the Huskers with a 8.925. The Huskers combined for a team score of 49.025 on balance beam.

Nebraska dropped a few spots after the fourth rotation with Michigan continuing their night on top with a score of 148.025, Illinois and Penn State right behind them with scores of 147.700 and 147.325, respectively. Nebraska stayed on top of Minnesota and Iowa who were on bye for the fourth rotation.

Rotation Five
Nebraska went into their final bye of the meet in the fifth rotation, looking to regroup and head into the final rotation looking to make a big leap.

Illinois and Penn State both finished their nights with the Illini finishing with 196.650 and Penn State 196.100. Michigan went into their final rotation with a score of 148.025, Minnesota behind them with a score of 147.375. The Huskers stayed on top of Iowa who went into their final rotation with a score of 147.150.

Rotation Six
Nebraska would close their night on floor exercise, with Houchin and Orel leading the way both ending their nights with a 9.90 on floor, a season high for Houchin and ties a career high for Orel. De Jesus and Crouse both finished with a score of 9.85 as well. Abby Johnston ties a career high on floor with a 9.80 and Hassel rounds out the team with a 9.650.

In the all-around for Nebraska, Houchin finished with a score of 38.625 and Crouse finished in fourth with a score of 39.525. Three gymnasts tied for the top all-around spot, Michigan's Wojcik and Karas, as well as Minnesota's Ramler, all finishing with a score of 39.600.

Up Next
Nebraska will await the NCAA Selection Show on Monday, March 25 at 4 p.m. CT, on where regional selections will be announced. Nebraska could head to one of four regional sites; Baton Rouge, La., Ann Arbor, Mich., Athens, Ga. or Corvallis, Ore. 

Team Results

1. Michigan - 197.400
2. Illinois - 196.650
3. Nebraska - 196.550
4. Minnesota - 196.425
5. Penn State - 196.100
6. Ohio State - 195.775
7. Iowa - 195.725
8. Michigan State - 195.425
9. Maryland - 194.800
10. Rutgers - 194.175

Individual Results

1. Emma McLean, Michigan - 9.90
T2. Natalie Wojcik, Michigan - 9.875
T2. Olivia Karas, Michigan - 9.875
T4. Lexy Ramler, Minnesota - 9.85
T4. Sienna Crouse, Nebraska - 9.85
T4. Taylor Houchin, Nebraska - 9.85
T4. Ona Loper, Minnesota - 9.85
T4. Olivia Aepli, Ohio State - 9.85
T4. Lauren Guerin, Iowa - 9.85
T4. Kasey Meeks, Illinois - 9.85

Uneven Bars
1. Mary Jane Otto, Illinois - 9.975
T2. Taylor Houchin, Nebraska - 9.95
T2. Ivy Lu, Minnesota, Minnesota - 9.95
T4. Lexy Ramler, Minnesota - 9.925
T4. Sienna Crouse, Nebraska - 9.925
T4. Lauren Bridgens, Penn State - 9.925

Balance Beam
1. Lexy Ramler, Minnesota - 9.925
T2. Natalie Wojcik, Michigan - 9.90
T2. Olivia Karas, Michigan - 9.90
T2. Sienna Crouse, Nebraska - 9.90
T2. Mary Jane Otto, Illinois - 9.90
T6. Sierra Hassel, Nebraska - 9.90

Floor Exercise
1. Natalie Wojcik, Michigan - 9.95
T2. Olivia Karas, Michigan - 9.925
T2. Paige Williams, Minnesota - 9.925
T4. Catelyn Orel, Nebraska - 9.90
T4. Taylor Houchin, Nebraska - 9.90
T4. Lexy Ramler, Minnesota - 9.90

T1. Natalie Wojcik, Michigan - 39.600
T1. Lexy Ramler, Minnesota - 39.600
T1. Olivia Karas, Michigan - 39.600
4. Sienna Crouse, Nebraska - 39.525

All Championship Team
Sienna Crouse, Nebraska
Taylor Houchin, Nebraska 
Mary Jane Otto, Illinois 
Audrey Barber, Maryland 
Alecia Farina, Maryland
Olivia Karas, Michigan 
Emma McLean, Michigan
Natalie Wojcik, Michigan 
Gabriella Douglas, Michigan State 
Jessica Ling, Michigan State 
Lea Mitchell, Michigan State 
Ivy Lu, Minnesota
Lexy Ramler, Minnesota
Paige Williams, Minnesota
Danica Abanto, Ohio State 
Olivia Aepli, Ohio State 
Janelle McClelland, Ohio State 
Jenna Swartzentruber, Ohio State

Big Ten Individual Awards
Gymnast of the Year: Lexy Ramler, Minnesota
Freshman of the Year: Natalie Wojcik, Michigan
Coach of the Year: Jenny Hansen, Minnesota

Name Vault Bars Beam Floor All-Around
Sienna Crouse 9.85 9.925 9.90 9.85 39.525
Adnerys De Jesus 9.45 9.45 9.85
Anika Dujakovich 9.70
Sarah Hargrove 9.80 9.75
Sierra Hassel 9.875 9.65
Taylor Houchin 9.85 9.95 8.925 9.90 38.900
Abby Johnston 9.80
Catelyn Orel 9.80 9.625 9.90
Kaylee Quinn 9.75
Megan Schweihofer 9.825
Megan Verceles Carr 9.75 9.85
Team 48.900 49.325 49.025 49.300 196.550


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