Darrion Daniels Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Darrion Daniels Quotes
Spring Game Press Conference

On playing at a full stadium
"It kind of exceeded [my expectations]. It was probably the most fans I've seen in a stadium my whole time in college. And it's just a spring game. I can only imagine what it'd be like for a real game."

On if this game solidified his transfer to Nebraska 
"Yeah, it was really nice to come out and see that. Coming over here I really didn't know exactly what to expect, but just being out there with my brother [sophomore defensive lineman Damion Daniels] and with the team, the fans... it was something special."

On where the defense stands compared to other teams he's played on
"We're really good, like really good. The teams I've played on that were really good had a lot of leaders in older guys, but on this defense there's leadership all around. We've got a lot of young guys holding a lot of older guys accountable and the same vice-versa. I feel like there's a really good balance of everybody keeping everybody right."

On how it was playing alongside his brother for an actual game
"Just special. It's just a good feeling to see my brother with the same color of jersey again, being on the sideline with him, coaching him up, him coaching me up, giving each other tips, calming each other down when we get heated. It's something special."

On if he said something to his brother before the game
"I told him to ball out and to own it. That's what we do, we just go out there and do it. And make sure to have fun like we've been doing all spring."

On if his brother said something to him
"Same stuff...with more vocal words."

On the defensive line chemistry
"It actually started right when I touched down [at Nebraska], everybody is very open and very vulnerable to one another. Not many secrets, everybody knows everything about each other, so there's a lot of trust and loyalty amongst us. I came in, they came with open arms... and I just came in and everything just jumped right together. Being out here working hard, and seeing people working just as hard as I am, really makes me want to put more out there. I feel like that played a huge role among us, all coming together."

On how similar/different this experience has been to Oklahoma State
"When I got to Oklahoma State, my freshman year, it was already established, and it's kind of the same here. Their coaching had been established already, and I feel like here I'm in the transition of them finding an identity now and it's really humbling just to be able to be part of it. Being part of the team, it's being part of a dynasty once again."

On if the Nebraska culture is different
"I just know that at Oklahoma State... we interacted with each other [defense and offense] of course, but it was also... in defense, we really stuck with defensive players and same with the offense. Here, one team in a heartbeat. Even in the locker room, there's not a D-line section or a cornerback section, everybody in the locker room mixes and mingles. Here, the one thing that's really special is how everybody is so close. You've got DBs hanging out with linemen, you've got offensive linemen hanging out with linebackers, and I think it's beautiful."

On what's next for him between now and August
"Just getting a better feel for the whole defense. I know this spring I was really trying to get ahold of my position as a defensive lineman. Just trying to get my plays down and always telling them to see the whole scheme of the defense, trying to understand the coverages and the way the linebackers are doing it. So, I feel like it's trying to understand the whole defense instead of just the D-line."

On if there's anyone on the offensive line he likes to compete against
"[Sophomore offensive lineman] Trent [Hixon]. Every day, he picks out something that I beat him on, and then the next day it won't work. That's one thing that proves how great he is. He'll find one thing I'm really good at and he'll work on stopping it. It makes me go in my bag deeper, it makes me better with him coming after my best moves and stopping them." 


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