2018-19 Student-Athletes of the Year: Anton Stephenson and Mikaela Foecke
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Nebraska Student-Athletes of the Year

By NU Athletic Communications

Recognized annually, faculty members from the Intercollegiate Athletic Committee vote upon and select one male and one female student-athlete per year. Criteria for nomination include candidates being enrolled in the academic year in which the final season of athletic eligibility occurs; having a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.000; performing with distinction in a varsity sport; and acting, both on and off the field in a manner that has brought credit to the student-athlete, the institution and intercollegiate athletics. Traditionally, this is one of the most competitive academic awards available to student-athletes throughout the academic year.

  • 1991 Lynne Frey (Track & Field) and David Edeal (Football)
  • 1992 Janet Kruse (Volleyball) and Pat Engelbert (Football)
  • 1993 Karen Jennings (Basketball) and Mike Stigge (Football)
  • 1994 Theresa Stelling (Track/Cross Country) and Trev Alberts (Football)
  • 1995 Nicole Duval (Gymnastics) and Rob Zatechka (Football)
  • 1996 Billie Winsett-Fletcher (Volleyball) and Jason Christie (Gymnastics)
  • 1997 Shelly Bartlett (Gymnastics) and Ted Harris (Gymnastics)
  • 1998 Jenny Smith (Softball) and Ryan Tobin (Wrestling)
  • 1999 Fiona Nepo (Volleyball) and Jim Koziol (Gymnastics)
  • 2000 Janet Dutton (Track) and Brian Shaw (Football)
  • 2001 Angie Oxley (Volleyball) and Kyle Vanden Bosch (Football)
  • 2002 Diandra Hyman (Bowling) and Bryan Snyder (Wrestling)
  • 2003 Laura Pilakowski (Volleyball/Basketball) and Jeff Leise (Baseball)
  • 2004 Ann Gaffigan (Cross Country/Track) and Judd Davies (Football)
  • 2005 Richelle Simpson (Women's Gymnastics) and Daniel Bruce (Baseball) 
  • 2006 Ashley Selig (Track) and Aaron Plas (Track) 
  • 2007 Stephanie Carter (Women's Gymnastics) and Dane Todd (Football) 
  • 2008 Sarah Pavan (Volleyball) and Stephen Tetrault (Men's Gymnastics) 
  • 2009 Amanda Gates (Volleyball) and Nick Sullivan (Baseball)
  • 2010  Kelsey Griffin (Basketball) and Craig Brester (Wrestling)
  • 2011 Natalie Willer (Track) and Nicholas Gordon (Track)
  • 2012 Ashley Miller (Track/CC) and Tyler Hitchler (Track)
  • 2013 Mary Weatherholt (Tennis) and Björn Barrefors (Track) 
  • 2014 Emily Wong (Gymnastics) and Seth Wiedel (Track)
  • 2015 Jessie DeZiel (Gymnastics) and John Welk (Track)
  • 2016 Mattie Fowler (Softball) and Shavon Shields (Basketball)
  • 2017 Tierra Williams (Track and Field) and Drew Wiseman (Track and Field)
  • 2018 Danielle Breen (Women's Gymnastics) and Chris Stephenson (Men's Gymnastics)
  • 2019 Mikaela Foecke (Volleyball) and Anton Stephenson (Men's Gymnastics)


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