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By NU Athletic Communications
Cortney Grixby will lead the Nebraska secondary against a talented group of USC receivers.
Cortney Grixby will lead the Nebraska secondary against a talented group of USC receivers.
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Nebraska Weekly Press Conference
Pregame vs. USC
Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2006
Memorial Stadium

Cortney Grixby
Junior, Cornerback

On people questioning his ability to cover taller receivers
“That’s the question I get every week.  It’s nothing different to me.  There’s a tall receiver on everybody’s team I would hope.  That comes with the territory.  I’m used to it.  When you’re small, you’ve got to answer that question.  With the players today with their caliber and size and speed, I’ve got to stick to my strengths.  One of my liabilities is my height, but I’ve got things that make up for that.”

On couteracting USC's receiving corps 
“I’ve got to do what I’ve been doing for my whole career, just competing hard and playing hard.  I jump high, so I think that is an asset that I have that can counteract some of the height.  Just out-competing them for the ball is what you have to do.”

On the defensive strategy against USC 
“We’re not doing too much different because it’s really not about them; it’s about what we do.  We’re sticking to our game plan.  We’re college football players just like they are.  Everybody knows they are a good football team, but we’re a good football team also.  So we’re going to go out there and match up with them and we’re going to play.”

On people doubting Nebraska's ability to cover USC's receivers 
“We’ve got good receivers in the Big 12 also.  I mean, 6-5, 6-6 receivers.  So it’s nothing that we don’t see on a weekend basis.”

On the ability of a win to propel Nebraska into national prominence 
“I think it will be a big win for us.  We’re a team that feels that we can go play with anybody.  So if you take on a team that’s played for a national championship the last three years and you go out and beat them, it’s a big accomplishment.”

On what it takes to be a good road team 
“Just poise.  They are going to have some fans out there and we’re going to have some fans, too.  Just being poised and staying focused is key on the road and sticking together because when you’re out there really all you have is the team.”

On USC's offense 
“They have a lot of good athletes.  The receivers, I feel, are the strength of their game.  That’s where I think they are going to look to win the game.  I think they do that with anybody that they play.”

On playing zone versus man-to-man coverage 
“With every team you have to mix up a lot of things.  You don’t want the quarterback to be comfortable and just go up the line and know what you’re in.  We’ve got stuff that we’re going to try and confuse them with.”


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