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By NU Athletic Communications
Nate Swift set Nebraska freshman records with 45 receptions for 641 yards and seven touchdowns last season.
Nate Swift set Nebraska freshman records with 45 receptions for 641 yards and seven touchdowns last season.
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Nebraska Weekly Press Conference
Pregame vs. USC
Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2006
Memorial Stadium

Nate Swift
Sophomore, Wide Receiver

On the importance for this game for Nebraska’s program
“Coming off the Michigan win in the Alamo Bowl that brought a lot of excitement to this program and a lot of people looking at us.  This game is definitely another game that can raise us another level.”

On the potential benefit of beating USC for the program
“I think that would bring a lot more people looking at us as a definite contender.   If you can beat a team like USC at their place, it shows you can definitely play.”

On avoiding distractions
“A lot of the guys on this team have been thinking about this game for a long time.  We knew it (the USC game) was going to be a big deal when it came.  A lot of the guys on the team are just not going to read the magazines and watch the stories on TV.  Also, Coach Callahan is great in calming us down and keeping us away from the hype.”

On Coach Bill Callahan’s approach to limiting distractions
“Usually, he tells us to keep our heads in the gameplan and don’t stray from the gameplan.

On matching up against USC’s defense
“It’s not ‘this receiver vs. that defensive back’.  With our receiving corps, it’s a team effort.  It’s not one-on-one out there.  It’s our team against their defensive backs.  It’s just us finding the right zone or running the right route to get open and Zac (Taylor) finding us.”

On last year’s Colorado win building Nebraska’s confidence in road games
“That game definitely built our confidence level.  Going into Colorado can be a tough game to win.  Going into that Alamo Bowl, especially because we were down earlier in the game, gave us a ton of confidence.  Going into USC, it’s going to be a crazy place to play.  I’ve never been out to California.  I know it’s going to be tough, but Callahan has a good game plan and we should have a good chance.”

On returning punts
“I’m actually the third or fourth-string punt returner.  I think they threw me in there (Saturday vs. Nicholls State) to see what would happen.  Hopefully, that’s something I don’t do every game, but Terrence Nunn and Cortney Grixby are great punt returners and I think they’ll handle the job fine.”

On the receiving corps against the USC defensive backs
“USC has had a lot of great defensive backs come out of there.  I think we can make a statement about what our offense can do and what our receivers can do.”



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