Troy Coach Larry Blakeney

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Troy Coach Larry Blakeney
Postgame Quotes
Saturday, Sept. 23, 2006

On Nebraska
"Best football team we've faced in a long time. Great coaching on their side of the field. Their players were prepared and ready and big and fast. I don't know what they call that offense, if it's west coast or east coast or south coast or whatever, but it was very well-designed and it gave us more than we can handle."

On possibly being worn out
"I've been around getting thrashed like this, but I knew that (going into) the third game in a row. We had played pretty well against Florida State. We played pretty well against Georgia Tech leading into the fourth quarter when we were tied. But this bunch of guys is different. Their style of play and their physical approach and their ability with (Zac) Taylor to throw the football down the field really gave us more than we could handle. We were probably overmatched in some areas."

On Troy's performance
"We probably didn't play well. I know we didn't tackle worth a dog. When you play against a team like (Nebraska) you have to tackle on your first opportunity. In my opinion, they'll move up in my poll. I don't know about anybody else's but they'll move up in my poll after seeing what they do on film and seeing them not quite be able to get it done against USC and then what they did tonight. I think the biggest thing is it was the third big game we had played. We had been probably just worn and a little bit tired. We lost a good player on defense last week. I'm not an excuse-maker. What we talk about is getting better as players and coaches in the locker room. Nebraska was plently good. Nebraska beat Troy."


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