Nebraska Coach Bill Callahan

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Nebraska has scored 49 or more points in each of its three homes games this season.
Nebraska has scored 49 or more points in each of its three homes games this season.
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Bill Callahan
Nebraska vs. Troy
Postgame Quotes
Saturday, Sept. 23, 2006

Opening Statement
“This was a good win for our football team. I'm really excited about our defense throwing a shutout today. They did an excellent job in all phases. I also need to commend Troy on their ability to persevere and hang in there, especially their quarterback (Omar Haugabook). He is a tough guy. He took some hellacious hits tonight, and he continued to stay in there and compete. It was a good win for our football team in the way that we handled ourselves in the preparation of the week coming off of (Southern California). It just shows the maturity about this football team. To come back in this fashion was very satisfying, and we look forward to the next game against Kansas."

On the running game
"We've been knocking on the door on a lot of our runs, and it was great to see it tonight. A lot of the backside blocking came up big, espcially on Marlon (Lucky's) runs. Some of the gap schemes on the play side allowed Kenny (Wilson) to spring free as well. We were pleased. The timing is getting better. You can see the execution of the offensive line and the backs tonight, and we're making strides in that area."

On reserve players earning playing time tonight
"We played a lot of people tonight. A lot of guys got on the field, and that experience is invaluable. We're really pleased with the way they competed, referring to the second and third lines and the depth of our football team tonight."

On the success of the offense
"I thought (Lucky) was excellent tonight. The line deserves a lot of credit for that. They worked extremely hard this week in practice. The line, the tight ends, the way Zac (Taylor) managed some of the calls that got us into some good runs against some good fronts and out of a bad run in some bad fronts. He managed the running game well."

On the offensive and defensive lines
"I saw our defense play hard up front. Any time you win a game of this magnitude, it starts with your offensive and defensive lines. I thought our front four played extremely well tonight. They put a lot of pressure, a lot of heat on that quarterback. When you're a spread offense, and you're a one-back scheme, you have to have an offensive line that can really hold up. They got the ball out quick, but we certainly took advantage of some situations with the front four."

On I-backs Marlon Lucky and Kenny Wilson each rushing for over 100 yards tonight
"Those guys performed well tonight. To their credit, I thought their reads were excellent. I really felt that the offensive line blocked well. When your line is blocking well, I think you can plug in any back. But I'm really happy for those guys and glad to see both those guys have success tonight."

On the linebackers
"We played Corey McKeon into the fourth quarter. We would have loved to replace him, but we had Lance Brandenburgh playing every position on there and rotating in to the SAM and MIKE and WILL positions. It was a tough day. We were down some (line)backers, so we were mixing and matching guys in there to the best of our ability."

On Lucky's long run
"I think any time you make a big play, it gives you confidence. He has the ability to hit the homerun, and that was pretty evident tonight. I was really happy for him to have that type of success, no question about it."

On senior quarterback Zac Taylor
"He was pretty good. He was in some tough situations and some obvious downs where he got the ball of well. I thought he did an excellent job against the blitz and handling that. He knew how to protect himself tonight and how to get himself into some calls that helped him execute some of those particular plays. I was really happy for him."


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