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By NU Athletic Communications
Ndamukong Suh posted 1.5 sacks to lead a Blackshirt assault on Troy quarterback Omar Haugabook.
Ndamukong Suh posted 1.5 sacks to lead a Blackshirt assault on Troy quarterback Omar Haugabook.
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Nebraska vs. Troy
Saturday, Sept. 23, 2006
Memorial Stadium
Lincoln, Neb.

Wide Receiver Gary Banks
On Troy's feelings after the game
"We're very dissappointed by the loss. As Coach (Larry) Blakeney said, Nebraska is a very good football team; the best team we've faced all year so far. They were ready. We slipped on Florida State a little bit and slipped up on Georgia Tech, but Nebraska saw our films on those games and they were definitely ready for us. They came out with their game plan and they executed to the 't.' They're a very good football team and I can't say anything bad about those guys. They really took it to us tonight."

On comparisons between the Florida State and Nebraska defenses
"Athletically, I'd say Florida State is probably the fastest, but Nebraska is definitely the biggest and the strongest that we've faced all the way across the board. From the D-tackles to the D-ends, they definitely were the biggest and the strongest. I think it kind of wore on us as the game went on."

Strong Safety Brannon Condren
On Nebraska's offense
"They got in a lot of different formations and they did a lot of motioning. They mixed us up a few times. We worked on that all week in practice so we should have been ready for it. I don't know what was wrong we just came out and we didn't perform tonight."

On Nebraska's offense compared to Troy's other opponents
"They were probably the best offense we've seen this year. They are a lot better than Florida State and Georgia Tech. They pretty much just ran it down to the posts. For some reason we just did nothing about it. They had a great game plan for us. They came out and were ready to play us. They were prepared. They didnt take us lightly like Florida State and Georgia Tech did. They came out and put it on us, so I have to give them credit.

Defensive Tackle Franklin Lloyd
On Nebraska offensive variety
"They had it down pat. The formations and the switching around and the double teams and the blocking; their scheme was perfect and it worked. What they did worked. We tried to adjust to it, but we couldn't get a handle on it. They switched around and we wouldn't even get the calls in from the sideline before they even snapped the ball. That really hurt us."

On Troy's attitude after the game
"The attitude is that we gotta get back up and work hard next week and learn from the mistakes we had today."


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