Nebraska's 94 percent exhausted eligibility graduation rate is tops in the Big 12 Conference.
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Huskers' Exhausted Eligibility Rate Hits 94 Percent

By NU Athletic Communications

The University of Nebraska is the Big 12 Conference leader in exhausted eligibility rates for the fourth consecutive year, according to federal graduation rates released by the NCAA on Thursday.


Nebraska boasts an impressive exhausted eligibility rate of 94 percent, a percentage point higher than last year's Big 12-leading rate of 93 percent. The exhausted eligibility rate surveys the graduation rate of scholarship student-athletes in 10 incoming freshman classes who complete their eligibility at that university. Nebraska's exhausted eligibility rate has increased from 87 to 94 percent in the past six years and improved 22 percentage points since the inception of the exhausted eligibility rate in 1991-92.


The current exhausted eligibility rate includes members of incoming classes from 1990-91 through 1999-2000. During that time period 424 of 453 Nebraska scholarship student-athletes who completed their eligibility earned their undergraduate degree.


Nebraska's 94 percent exhausted eligibility rate ranks three percentage points higher than Baylor who ranks second in the Big 12 Conference at 91 percent. The national average for exhausted eligibility is 85 percent for Division I schools.


Nebraska Athletic Director Steve Pederson said the continued excellence in graduation rates is at the top of the list of accomplishments for Husker student-athletes.


“There are many things for which we all can be proud as Nebraska fans, but none that compare to the success that our student-athletes are having academically,” Pederson said. “Dennis Leblanc and the staff of the Hewit Center are to be commended for their outstanding work, but the real credit goes to the students who have shown that you can have excellence in your sport and still achieve excellence in you school work.  We are very proud of the great success that they are all enjoying.”


In addition to the exhausted eligibility rates, the NCAA also announced other federal graduation-rate data and overall institutional Graduation/Success Rates (GSR) scores on Thursday. The GSR is the NCAA's calculation of student-athlete academic success. Earlier this fall, the NCAA released GSR scores and federal graduation rates for individual sports, but did not release the institutional figures at that time.


Nebraska's highlights from the data released by the NCAA on Thursday included...

  • As previously reported, the Nebraska football team posted a graduation success rate of 88 percent, tops in the Big 12.
  • Nebraska football boasted a one-class (1999-00 entering class) federal graduation rate of 84 percent, tops in the Big 12 and well above the national average of 55 percent. Among African-American student-athletes, Nebraska had a 100 percent graduation rate.
  • Among the current football top 25 (Coaches Poll), Nebraska's one-class rate of 84 percent was second, trailing only Boston College's 92 percent. (see attached document)
  • In the four-class graduation rate (1996-97 through 1999-00 entering classes), Nebraska had a 75 percent graduation rate for its football program. Overall the Husker football program led the conference in federal rates for one and four classes, as well as the graduation success rate.
  • Nebraska had an institutional GSR score of 80 percent.


The federal graduation rates for both one and four classes allow a student a six-year window to earn their degree from the time they enter their institution.


Big 12 Conference Exhausted Eligibility Rates

1. Nebraska 94% (424/453 student-athletes)
2. Baylor 91%  
3. Texas Tech 90%  
Iowa State 90%  
5. Texas 89%  
6. Missouri 87%  
7. Kansas 86%  
8. Oklahoma 84%  
Colorado 84%  
10. Texas A&M 83%  
11. Oklahoma State 80%  
12. Kansas State 59%  


Note: National Average is 85 percent

Includes entering classes from 1990-91 to 1999-2000



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