Dennis Franchione Postgame Quotes

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Nebraska 28, Texas A&M 27
Saturday, Nov. 11, 2006
Kyle Field - College Station, Texas
Postgame Quotes

Opening Statement
 "I don't think I've ever seen a season with as many last-minute games as this one. It's amazing. I'm proud of our players. They fought all the way down to the end. This was a tough loss. It just comes down to we needed to make one more play. We needed a field goal, needed a first down, needed a stop, and we didn't get it. You have to commend Nebraska for their poise down the stretch. I thought that was really good on their part. They made one more play."

On the frustration of the end of the game
"Well, it's a tough loss. The last two weeks have been tough. I'm really proud of the guys, the way they gotten ready each week. I talked to Bill (Callahan) about that before the game. There's two teams today that went through all August two-a-days and 11 straight weeks without an open day. When you play in a league like this at this level, to not have a little time to heal emotionally, mentally, and physically and for our players to keep loading it up every Saturday and bringing it like they have -- it's just a tremendous amount of perseverance. He's coached a lot of years and I can't say that they ever didn't fight their tails off and play as hard as they can play. You know, it's frustrating when you lose any game. It has to be. And certainly This one was certainly set up for us. We had our chances."

On what it will take to get over the hump
"We've just got to get a little better. One play better, coach a little better, play a little better. 17-16, 28-27, and the tech game play. You go through a season like this -- we have made some amazing conversions of opportunities. You go back to the Oklahoma State game, the Kansas game. The things that they were able to do there and then you remember these that we weren't able to get it done and -- you know, I don't know if you play a game like this every week where you don't know if you're going to win it. You wish you could."

On the play of the team
"I've never had a team that's played every week in a game like this. I'm going to commend our kids for putting themselves in that position for seven straight weeks to do that."

On the play of Mark Dodge
"Mark did a great job. The interception was great. It was magnificent that he could fill in for us like that. We had some guys out in this game and we had guys step up. Everybody this time of year has guys that are hurt or out and they have to have guys that are going to step up and do that. Mark was one of those guys for us today."

On the play of Stephen McGee
"Stephen had his ups and downs today against a good defense. He kept at them and he kept fighting and kept playing just like the rest of our team. He certainly is a catalyst for that. He made plays and gave us a chance to get in the position we were in because he continued the battle and continued to make plays."

On what the off week will bring
"Just a little rest and a little chance to decompress a little bit here before we get ready to play the most important game of the season and we certainly need it."


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