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Opening Statement
“This was a great team win for our football team today. I was really proud of the way we came off the bye and executed in so many areas. There were contributions across the board that we are extremely proud of, especially our special teams and the way they stepped up; our defense and Adam Carriker and the way he played; our offense and the way we executed at times. Overall, it was just an excellent team win for us. We're excited about going to Arrowhead (Stadium) and being part of the championship game. We are excited to represent the North and do our best.

"I was really proud of the way we came back in the second half. We talked about our second-half execution and performance at great lengths in this bye, and I was very pleased the way we came out in the second half and gained some momentum and captured the lead and took over at the end."

On calling fake plays
"I think those are plays we have always executed. It just so happened that the situations were just right for those particular calls. It was an excellent job by our staff. They are all a part of the design and the execution. I was proud of the way (the players) executed. It's all timing. It's timing, it's feel, it's instinct, it's where the ball is in field position."

 On Colorado
"My hat goes off to Colorado. They came in here and they gave us everything they had. They fought hard. You saw some of the hits out there, and they were collision hits. Their record is not indicative of the team they can be. We have a lot of respect for Colorado and for their players and their coaches. They came in here with a whole different offense that we hadn't even seen or prepared for, so we had to adjust on the fly at the half."

On I-back Brandon Jackson
"He's an all-(conference) back, in my opinion. He ran that way, and he made a huge play on the wheel route that came on the south end in the fourth quarter. I thought that was huge, and he made a terrific catch in the end zone. His overall play as a pass receiver, as a runner, as a blocker -- he's a complete back. He surely demonstrated that today. We commend him for his efforts."

 On quarterback Zac Taylor
"We wanted to get the ball out today pretty quickly. We didn't want him to hold the ball. He has tremendous confidence in his down field receivers and in his play. He just has an instinct about himself that he feels he can make a play, whether he holds the ball or makes something happen. He did take a couple of shots. He's a competitive guy, and the play is never dead when the ball is in his hands."

On wide receiver Maurice Purify
"One of the goals was to get Mo the ball early in the game. We squandered a couple of opportunities with the fumble in the first half, and we didn't break it down enough to get him the opportunities to get him the ball. But in the second half, he did make some fine plays, and we were definitely isolating him and trying to get him matched up on defense. Those plays he made were huge. His ability to take a five-yard catch and make it a first-and-10 with people draped all over him, that was an incredible effort to make that conversion."

On the final home game for the senior class
"I just loved it. All those guys, I'm just proud of all of them. They all contributed to this football team's success in a lot of different ways. Not everybody is all-conference, but they have the heart of a champion. They've worked hard, and all that's come to fruition with this experience today. I couldn't be more proud of that group of seniors. They've provided some great leadership and examples for these younger players to carry on."

On defensive end Adam Carriker
"I thought he dominated the football game. He's another all-conference player, in my opinion. He has a bright future ahead of him. He's going to do some great things in his professional career, but today he was just brilliant. He made a lot of great plays. He dominated the matchup. We moved him quite a bit, and he just made play after play. It was great to see him go out on a positive note."


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