Colorado Player Quotes

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Place Kicker Mason Crosby
On the ups and downs of Colorado's season
"We've always had a positive atmosphere; there was no negative. I think that's helped a lot of guys to keep pushing. We never gave up and we never quit. We just kept working. A 2-10 record is never going to look good."

On CU's 2-10 record
"It's never something I've never dreamed of or wanted to have happen, but it's happened and the guys are going to be better
people and better men. The guys coming back and the guys who continue to play football are going to just be better all around, just because we've dealt with it."

On the loss
"It was disappointing. It was close coming into the second half, but we just didn't capitalize and they did great. They were calling great plays and they had us on our heels for a while."

On the Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship
"Nebraska is a good team, and I really hope they represent the North well in the Big 12 Championship."

Quarterback Bernard Jackson
On teammate Mell Holliday
"Holliday played exceptionally well. He had a big run and did exceptional today."

On the season being over
"The losing part (being over) is a relief. Now that it's over, we'll just focus on next season and the offseason."

On teammates leaving before next season
"Yes, I would be surprised [if they did]. I don't see why they would want to leave. I think there's an awesome coaching staff, at least from my end I get along with all of the coaches. I don't see why anyone would want to leave."


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