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Stewart Bradley led the Blackshirts with seven tackles, including a sack, and a fumble recovery in the Cotton Bowl.
Stewart Bradley led the Blackshirts with seven tackles, including a sack, and a fumble recovery in the Cotton Bowl.
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Zac Taylor
Senior, Quarterback

On the late failed fourth-down conversion
"We had a call with Frantz (Hardy) running and I thought the linebackers played pretty well. He came up field and kind of came off there and I just didn't get a feel for the ball, didn't throw it very well. I think it sailed on him. That was a throw I think that I can make. I just didn't get it to him in that crucial situation."

On finding receivers downfield and hitting the backs on check downs
"That was honestly, probably the least of my check downs. A lot of them were screens that might have looked like check downs, but from what I can remember I think we checked down only once today."

On the mindset of the team after the defense recovered the fumble late in the fourth quarter
"Yeah, we completely expected to score there. It was ‑‑ that was our mindset. We were fired up. Our defense made plays all game. They gave us perfect field position. We just had to make something happen, we just couldn't get it done, and it was frustrating."

On the direction of Nebraska's program
"It hurts the program, obviously it would have been huge for spring ball and things like that to win the game. We lost to a good team today. We practiced as hard as we could. We were prepared for this game, and everybody was fired up. Our defense did what they had to do to win the game and the offense just didn't step up. But I don't think it sets our program back at all. I think we're headed in the right direction. We’ve got a lot of great young players. We'll be back next year and I know all three of us will be excited to see what those guys can do next year."

Dane Todd
Senior, Fullback

On the fake punt
“They are very confident in their return game and they go safe block. And so you start getting up toward midfield and they start going safe, especially with our record of running trick plays. So we knew we had to do it somewhere deep in our own end, and it’s a gamble and we ended up losing on that deal. It happens”

On giving up the short scoring drives to Auburn 
“It’s really tough. Obviously we couldn’t overcome it. Offensively we needed to do more things in the second half to score, and we couldn’t pull that off.  I thought defensively we played phenomenal all game. Our defense did a wonderful job this year.  It’s disappointing. We gave up some points we shouldn’t have. At the same time, they scored when we gave them the opportunities.  You can’t take anything away from them. We got a couple turnovers too and didn’t always capitalize.”

Stewart Bradley
Senior, Linebacker

“I felt that other than those two short fields they got, we played a pretty solid game. We played good enough to beat them. ... I felt our defense played better than their defense.”

On shutting down Auburn's running game
"Well, obviously our goal coming into the game was stopping the run and making (Brandon) Cox beat us with his arm. I thought we did a great job of that. Actually most of the game we did it. He made some good throws and some good plays. That's the way you play the game. It didn't pan out for us today. But we didn't quite get ‑‑ we should have got some field goals in the short fields--that could have changed the game, so we could have played better."

On recovering the fourth quarter fumble to set up a potential winning drive
"We put in a 30 package, three down linemen and four linebackers. It's a nickel‑‑we have three down linemen, three backers and five DB's. And we had a money blitz where I rush like a lineman from a backer position. We had not done that all game. That was the first one and the back flared out and left me open on the edge and he didn't get the ball off in time, I guess."

On the direction of Nebraska's program
"We're a very resilient group--not only these seniors but even the guys that are coming back next year--so I think this will drive the guys in the offseason to work even harder and come in next year and win these crucial games."

Adam Carriker
Senior, Defensive End

On the decision not to go for a tie on a field goal at the end
“It was right on the borderline for (Jordan) Congdon, so I think Coach Callahan did what he thought gave us the best chance of succeeding.”

On losing a game in which the defense played so well
“It’s frustrating. But Auburn’s got a good defense themselves. They played just as well against our offense. You have to give them credit. They held our offense out in the second half.”

What was the conversation in the locker room at halftime after dominating the first half but being tied 14-14?
“It was basically just keep doing what you’re doing. Just keep playing hard. At the line of scrimmage we were pretty much controlling it. Usually the team that does that wins the football game.  So it was just pretty much keep doing what we were doing. Play as hard as we can for the last two quarters. Play a full four quarters.

On giving up two touchdowns on short fields after turnovers
"You got to play with what you're dealt. Our team was playing well, the defense was playing well. We felt like we outplayed them even though the score was tied, but that's football. You’ve just got to play as hard as you can on every play and that's what we did."

On shutting down Auburn's running game
"They're a running team. They like to run the ball--got a big line. We knew they were going to do that. We were going to try to make them throw the ball a little bit and for the most part we were pretty successful."

Maurice Purify
Wide Receiver

On the offensive game plan
“Our game plan was a little off. We thought they were going to throw us a lot of man (coverage). In the SEC, they played everybody man up so we didn’t think they would change on us. They played a little bit more zone.”

On running the ball more in the second half
“They’ve got a good pass rush. We just tried to slow them down and keep them honest with the run and pass so they just couldn’t pin their ears back and just rush the quarterback.”

Jay Moore
Senior, Defensive End

On the play of the Nebraska defense against Auburn offense
“I just felt like they couldn’t do anything. Obviously, they got 17 points but two of them came off when they got the ball at the 10-yard line. So really they got three points on us. Definitely, we played well. We played one of our best games really.”

On the fake punt
“That fake punt has been in the plan for a while. We’ve been running that all year. We really wanted to run it this game. We had an opportunity to run it so we did.”

On the offensive play calling
“I don’t know what the offensive game plan is. That’s a complicated deal over there. All I can do is focus on the defense so I can’t say too much about the play calling.”

Cortney Grixby

On Auburn throwing the ball more than expected
“They threw it but I think it was pretty much under contained. I think we played well.”

On what does to the Nebraska program moving forward
“We’re right there. We’re right where we want to be. We’re going into the offseason with great enthusiasm. We’ve got high hopes for next year. We wanted to get the seniors out of here with a win and unfortunately that did not happen. Now we have an offseason to look forward to.”


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