Junior I-Back Ameer Abdullah

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Monday, Nov. 25, 2013 (Memorial Stadium)

On coming back to play on a short week against Iowa
“At this point, we understand that no one’s fresh at this point, no one’s really healthy. We just have to do everything we can to make sure our legs are right for Friday and that we come with a strong game plan for the Hawkeyes.”

On the senior class
“It’s a great group of guys. The integrity of these men that have been playing here for four, five years at Nebraska. They really set the tone for us underclassmen. I know it wouldn’t make them any happier or make me any happier to send them off with a win in their final home game.”

On having the most rushing yards in NU history since Ahman Green in 1997
“All thanks to God. It’s great to hear that. It’s great to have that accomplishment, but the guys in front of me and the guys around me – we can celebrate as a team rather than just an individual award.”

On if this could be his last game at Memorial Stadium
“No, I really haven’t given it much thought. To me, that’s a really big jump. I haven’t really given it much thought.”

On his friendly rivalry with Wisconsin RB Melvin Gordon
“(We text) all the time. Melvin has had a rough last few games and hasn’t gotten as many carries, but he is still effective. Wisconsin has a really good backfield with James White or (Melvin). So, any week it could be him or James White getting the load. It just so happens the last three or four weeks it’s been James White. But Melvin, he is having a good year and will continue to work hard and so will James White. But Melvin is one of my best friends and we talk all the time, so hopefully I can get him. We were roommates at an All-American Bowl out of high school.”

On comparing the Penn State defense to Iowa
“Iowa is really tough. They are a physical bunch. They play hard and believe in what they do. They play 100 miles per hour every snap and they are a relentless bunch. They have a really good game plan. They have a good understand of what we do. We have a good understanding of what they do. It’s all about who is going to be the more physical team and hopefully we are more physical on Friday.”

On continuing this new rivalry between NU and Iowa
“Definitely, we want to make it a good game every year. This is a new rivalry but being border states, you can really feel it growing more and more each year. With each year that passes, I feel the rivalry getting strong and I’m just happy I’m a part of it and hopefully we can bring the Heroes Trophy to Lincoln again this week.”

On what impresses him about Iowa’s defense
“They just swarm to the ball. They never just make one-on-one tackles. They make gang tackles. They are stripping at the ball and hitting people hard. They are excited to play football. Whenever you are playing a bunch like that you have to come with your best 'A' game for the day, you have to be physical, match their intensity and play hard.”

On playing the day after Thanksgiving
“It’s all football here. Thanksgiving we are going to be in the hotel studying game film, studying plays, studying the playbook. It’s not really about the holiday at the time. It’s about studying game film and we understand that.”

On his 60-yard touchdown run getting called back on Saturday
“I think it was a poor call, but the call was made and fortunately we got points out of the drive and we won the game, but I thought it was a pretty clean touchdown, but whatever – we got the win.”

On how he bounces back from his run being called back
“It’s (unfortunate). Especially at such a critical moment like that on such a big run and a big play. You just turn around and see the flag in disbelief. But our team, we stuck it out and it wasn’t pretty but we got it done and got the win.”

On the chance for nine wins
“It would me a lot. Not many teams have done it. We have been pretty consistent on that note. We understand what we have to do to get there and we just need to keep pressing forward. Keep our focus straight, stay focused and understand how important it is to get that ninth win.”

On how compelling a case Bo Pelini has been for progress and the future of the program
“I would just say consistency more than anything. Of course, we want to strive to be a championship bunch. Coach (Ron) Brown has told me a story about the Huskers in the ‘70s and how they had a tough stretch and all that and they went on to win a National Championship in the years to come. A lot of people writing them off saying 'oh they can’t win a national championship, they can never get over that hump' and eventually they did. I feel like the same can be said about our group. You never know, we are so close in a lot of games and we just have to put it together. We’ve been really consistent and that’s something we can hang our hats on that Coach Bo (Pelini) has done a really nice job of getting the most out of his players.”


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