Southern Miss Player Quotes (9-1-12)

By NU Athletic Communications

#17 Nebraska 49, Southern Miss 20
Saturday, Sept. 1, 2012
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)

Quarterback (Chris Campbell)
On if Nebraska's defense caught him off-guard

"There were a few series with maybe one or two plays where they tried to go three-down and get some blitzes, but other than that, it was pretty much what I saw on film, from the past years and what we saw in practice. I was very prepared by the coaches for this game."

On if Nebraska impressed him as a team
"They were very strong, very physical. Everything we saw on film was true. They were fast, flying to the ball, hard hitters and a good, sound, polished team."

Quarterback (Anthony Alford)
On Nebraska's physicality

"They were real physical up front. They came out hard. Overall, they were a real physical football team."

Running Back (Jeremy Hester)
On if Martinez's passing changed the game

"In a way it did. It changed a lot. I think he did a great job for what he does, and the things he does are very unrespected. I think he did a great job."

On Nebraska's defensive line handling the line of scrimmage
"I beg to differ. I think our offensive line held their ground pretty good. Those are some big guys up front and they're pretty strong. I think our line did a great job for us on assignments and opening up holes and doing what they have to do for us to make plays."

Cornerback (Deron Wilson)
On if Martinez showed him anything that they hadn't seen on film

"No. Everything that they ran, we saw on film."

On if Nebraska relied more on Martinez after Burkhead went out
"Yeah. They looked like they ran the offense around Martinez more, instead of around the running back, Burkhead. He (Martinez) took the load tonight."


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