Southern Miss Player Quotes vs. Nebraska

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska vs. Southern Miss
Saturday, Sept. 7, 2013
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)

Freshman Wide Receiver, Tyre'oune Holmes
On the Southern Miss' offense
"We were very successful offensively tonight. We moved the ball how we wanted to, but the turnovers hurt us a lot. We are going to work hard at catching the ball, tucking and running, and executing the offense. It's something we can do and we have to take advantage of it at all times."

On what worked well offensively
"I ran my routes strong, finished catches, worked the space when I got the ball. I tucked the ball and was taking care of it."

On the one-on-one plays
"It was something we wanted to take advantage of. We tried to get one-on-one plays and create tackling space. We felt like we had a chance against Nebraska one-on-one in space."

Sophomore Defensive Back, DeBarriaus Miller
On Southern Miss' defensive plan
"First, we had to stop the run and force them into passing situations."

On their defense when Nebraska was inside their own red zone
"When we pinned them down deep, we knew they were going to run, just to get out of there. They had high percentage runs, but we knew where it was going to be. We just had to make plays and make tackles."

On his individual performance
"Last week I had a lot of high violations. This week, I had to come into the game and step up because we lost our strong safety for a little bit. I had to stay low, because high violations were a big thing."

On what the defense was like compared to last week
"We're getting better and better each week. We're trying to stop the run. Next week, we have to stop the run again. We have to make tackles in the space and be physical."

On if playing in Nebraska's environment will help them moving forward
"Yes, sir. We know that we are playing against stiff competition. We won't bow down to anybody. We know that we are going to play against big competition the next couple of games and then we'll dominate."


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