UCLA Postgame Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska vs. UCLA
Saturday, Sept. 14, 2013
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)

Offensive Coordinator
Noel Mazzone

On how tough the game was
"It was tough and very emotional. The kids did a great job and stayed focused. They had a lot of things on their plate this week so I was proud of them. We all were. Not just the kids, the coaching staff and everybody. You could see the emotion the first half. They were trying so hard to be good, our guys were. Finally they relaxed and just started playing football."

On what changed the offense to get them going
"You know what, I don't know because really I just call plays. I just keep calling them and calling them and the kids work their way through it. Brett (Hundley) started to relax and play his game. Obviously I feel really good about our receiving corps and they started making some plays in the second half. That's how our offense is. We are a very rythmatic offense. We just couldn't really find a rhythm, but then finally we found our rhythm."

On scoring four touchdowns in seven minutes
"Oh really we did? No that's fun. I'll take that."

On if seven minutes was too much and wanted them faster
"No. (Laughs) We're proud of the kids and they did a heckuva job. I didn't realize that we came in and basically told the kids to relax. We were going to call basic plays and just do what you guys do and keep it up. Our whole motto is "play the next play". We play. We're going to snap it once and after that play just forget about it. We're just going to call another one and live in the moment of each play. We did a nice job of that in the second half."


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