Nebraska Coach Bo Pelini Postgame Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Nebraska 32, Baylor 20
Saturday, Oct. 25, 2008
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)


Bo Pelini
Nebraska Head Coach


On NU's adjustments made at halftime

"Not a lot (of adjustments). We just played better (in the second half). We executed better. We did some bonehead things to start the game. We tackled better on defense (after half). We were missing tackles early and took some bad angles. We were our own worst enemy in that first half - two personal foul penalties, a late hit and one other penalty. But, I liked the way the kids hung together. The whole football team didn't feel like we played well in the first half and I didn't have to say much at halftime because they came together as a group and said they were going to win this football game and they took control of the situation. They were not happy with how we executed and they we fixed it and we played a lot better. We didn't play perfect in the second half either, but we played better than we did in the first."


On stopping Griffin more in second half

"We executed better the second half. I really liked our play. We had a number of guys assigned to him in the different defenses and he's a pretty special athlete as you saw, and we just didn't do some things very well in the first half. We didn't really change much in the second half, but we just played our calls better. We were more disciplined and were on the same page more consistently."


On Nate Swift

"He's just a good football player. I get tired of people saying he's possession guy, he's this, he's that. He's just a heck of a football player. He's a leader, he's a competitor, he's everything you want in a football player. To his credit, he became the all-time receptions leader and that's something to be proud of, something everybody's proud of."


On Joe Ganz

"I think he started slow and finished well. He wasn't as sharp as he has been early in the game, but still made some good plays. He's been playing at a high, high level. He was just a little off in the first half and I thought he picked it up and really played exceptional in the second half."


On Marlon Lucky

"Marlon was one of the co-players of the game last week and I thought he played the same this week. He turned it up a notch and he played well. He played well today as he did last week. He just carried on what he did last week. He made some big plays in the running game and the passing game. He's been very decisive in picking his holes and getting up the field. He's been playing physical."


On Nebraska's composure

"I think our team's growing character-wise. I think they're growing in their confidence. What we need to keep growing in is our consistency and our execution. Our guys aren't getting rattled right now when things happen. Not as rattled as their head coach does. That's not doing much for my blood pressure. Ultimately, we just need to fix the things that are hurting us. We need to make people beat us, we can't beat ourselves and at times we do that. That's just something we have to keep working on and keep trying to grow as a football team."


On enjoying the win and thinking about Oklahoma

"You have to appreciate every win. I'll enjoy today and worry about Oklahoma tomorrow. I know one thing, we're going down there to play a heck of a football team, as good of football team as there is in the country. They're a very well-coached football team and we need to play better than we have to be up for that challenge."



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