Idaho State Coach Mike Kramer Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

#25 Nebraska 73, Idaho State 7
Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012

Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)
Idaho State Coach Mike Kramer Quotes

On Nebraska's pressure
"It wasn't so much the pressure, it was more the coverage. The coverage was outstanding. Nebraska did a good job squatting on our routes and driving on our slant passes, and slant passes are a big thing for us. When they're able to play over the top of our shoulders like that and collide as the ball arrives, it's tough to complete any slant passes."

On what he saw that he liked

"Not a lot."

On Idaho State's running game

"We don't have a running game. We don't try to. We've got to be able to throw the ball, play pitch and catch. We weren't able to do that today or sustain drives. They big-played us in the kicking game. If you quit running in kick coverage and punt coverage, you are going to give up a lot. This one is going to really sting for a long time because our kick coverage units are way better than that."
On how the roll punt worked
"Gee, what do you think? They ran one back for 80-freaking yards for a touchdown. Every time we started punting, we started tip-toeing at the end. We couldn't cover sicum."

On if he took anything from scoring a touchdown late


On what he saw from Nebraska's running game

"Exactly the same plays they've been running. 10 guys got blocked on every play and the eleventh guy didn't make the tackle."


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