Michigan Player Quotes vs. Nebraska

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska 23, #20 Michigan 9
Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)

Safety Jordan Kovacs
On the mindset of the defense when Denard Robinson got hurt
"My mindset was the same as it was going into this game. We were just going to have to weather the storm and make plays. Unfortunately we didn't do enough of that. We gave up big plays. We didn't tackle well and if you do that then you're not going to play very good defense."

On if the defense got tired
"At times we didn't do a good enough job getting ourselves off the field. Nebraska has an up-tempo offense and they ran it well at times. We missed tackles and we missed assignments and just didn't play well."

On forcing turnovers
"Any time you get a turnover it's huge. It helps our offense to get momentum if we get turnovers, but we didn't get enough."

On if it is draining to be on defense for so much playing time
"No. We take pride in it. Our motto is stop the ball. It doesn't matter where the ball is we're going to play defense and not let them get yards. At times we did a solid job of holding them to field goals and not getting enough yards. But at other times we just didn't do enough. We missed tackles and didn't execute well."

On if he did anything to help motivate guys once Robinson went out
"Sure, all of us senior leaders did. It's not about one guy. Obviously Denard had an injury and it's about the rest of us stepping in and making up for it. Denard was also great about it on the sidelines keeping the team in the game."

On if he expected Robinson to be back in the game
"I wasn't thinking about it."

Offensive Lineman Patrick Omameh
On if the offense had a talk when Robinson got hurt
"We understand that if someone gets hurt, it's our job to play our position. If one of us goes out then the next play comes in and we have full confidence in them."

On keeping Russell Bellomy's confidence and focus up 
"He's a smart kid. We didn't have to say much to him. We told him to keep his head up and stay in the game." 

On if jitters made Bellomy and the offense being shaky up until the fourth quarter
"It could've been. That's the most time and extended play that he's been in there in his career. The pressure wasn't just on him though but the whole offense."

On Robinson's presence on the sideline during the game
"He was still full of support for all of us. He was telling us to keep going and trying to keep our heads up." 

On how much Robinson going out changes the offense
"When one of us goes out we understand that all of us have to pick up our assignments and what we're doing to make it easier on someone coming in that's less experienced. For their sake, we have to do our job so much more." 

On if the offense was close to making Bellomy's role easier 
"We didn't get close enough." 

On if the game tonight shows that the offense is dependant on Robinson to be successful
"I feel like it is hard to put it all on one player." 

On the frustration of the offense to not get a touchdown in eight quarters
"It's huge. We're not doing our defense any favors. We need to work it out." 

Wide Receiver Roy Roundtree
n quarterback Russell Bellomy's performance in practice compared to the game against Nebraska
"Practice is better. He was getting rushed more tonight. The defensive line was really bringing pressure when he came into the game. I feel like Nebraska made some adjustments on blitzing against runs, but that's something we can all work on."

On the adjustments Nebraska made after Denard Robinson got injured
"They were blitzing more. It wasn't easy for Russ in there for the first time, but it's something we've got to adjust to so we can do better at moving the ball. Running the ball is the main thing, and I don't think we did a good job at that today."

Defensive End Craig Roh
n Michigan's poor tackling
"You've got to give credit to Nebraska because they played a good game, but I always think it's on us. I always feel like if we break down the way we break down, and if we run to the ball like we have always run to the ball, then even if a guy misses a tackle, there are five more guys right there. I think that's something we didn't do as much of in the second half."

On defending Nebraska's jet sweep
"They did everything the same as what we practiced against during the week. We just need to communicate out there. That's something we need to improve on." 

On Nebraska running back Ameer Abdullah
"He's a good running back. He's really quick and he runs hard."  


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