Taylor Martinez accounted for 365 yards of total offense.
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Nebraska at Michigan State
aturday, Nov. 3, 2012

Junior Quarterback Taylor Martinez
On the last drive of the game...
We've been in that situation before a couple of times and we know that we can't be stopped.  Coach Pelini called a great series of plays on that last drive and our receivers were able to make some big plays, especially [Sophomore Wide Receiver] Jamal [Turner] on that last play.  It's great that he was finally able to get that first career touchdown.

On third pick and dealing with the turnovers...
They called a zero blitz and rushed a lot of guys off the end, and the corner came off and covered [Senior Tight End] Ben [Cotton].  He came off, I looked him away, he came back, and he made that play.  I think that penalty flag after the play really turned the game around for us.

On setting the Nebraska career record for total yards...
I think we have a great team and coaching staff who keep fighting.  I think it's awesome because so many great people came through Nebraska and it's an honor to be able to pass them up.  I couldn't have done it without my teammates and coaches.  I'm honored.

Senior Safety P.J. Smith
On coming back at the end of the game...
I told the defensive guys that we have to stay the course, figure out a way to get a stop and get the offense the ball.  We never doubted that we could be stopped and we never doubted that we would win this game.  It was a heck of a win; we had to have it and we did.

On issues with the MSU's running game...
Somebody wouldn't fill a gap here and there; there was miscommunication here and there on the back end.  We killed ourselves on the defensive side of the ball so we are going to get that fixed next week in practice.  You've got to tip your hats to them; they took advantage of some stuff and we aren't happy with our performance.

On the getting the offense the ball and stopping MSU toward the end of the game...
We knew that that the offense was going to score and that the game was going to come down to us and our play.  Everybody stepped up to the challenge.  We stopped them two or three times but we're supposed to do that.  For the first two quarters we killed ourselves with miscommunication and a missed signal here and there.

On the leadership and character of this year's team...
Leadership is all over.  The younger guys, the older guys, it doesn't matter.  Everybody here leads in a different type of way and the leadership and the character of this team goes far.  We all have one goal and we won't stop until we reach that goal and that's the Big Ten Championship.  Tonight we just kept fighting and never gave up and our coaching staff never gave up on us.  We just kept telling each other to go out and make the plays and that's what we did.  Hats off to the offense - they were struggling in the first half and they stepped up in a big way at the end.  Taylor Martinez is unbelievable.  He stepped up and did his thing and Jamal had a big catch.  We stand behind them.

Sophomore Wide Receiver Jamal Turner
On the last drive and the final play of the game...
It was a great call by Coach [Offensive Coordinator Tim] Beck.  I can't believe that we won the game like that; I've been dreaming about this my whole life.  I want to thank God for letting me go out and for putting me in this position, to glorify him.  It was the same play we called last week and I lost the ball in the lights and missed the touchdown, but Beck came back and called it this week and I was able to score the winning touchdown. 

On the last drive we were saying "We've got them beat; they're tired. Just like last year, we wore them down.  Let's hit them in the mouth, let's end the game, and that's what we did.

On having Taylor Martinez in the huddle...
He's very vocal.  We love Taylor; we stand behind him.  There's a lot of character on this team; we always keep fighting and I want to give them credit for not giving up.  The offensive line, the wide receivers - we kept at it and won the game.

On moving on after this win...
We think we're the best in the Big Ten; we're not going to be stopped. We're going to keep going until we accomplish what we want to accomplish, and that's the Big Ten Championship.  It doesn't matter how much we're down by - 20, 30 points - we're going to keep fighting until we win the game.


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